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    Barn House Girl. August 7th 2012.

    by , 09-02-2012 at 02:49 PM (451 Views)

    I really enjoyed this dream because it was so vivid, but I have no idea what to think. Was it a good dream? or was it just plain wrong...

    I was walking with a random man, towards a barn house that we had just bought. We went inside and looked around. It felt so real. There were small animal cages everywhere and hay covered the floor. The actual place was my house, but everything was moved around differently and there were weird objects. I spoke to the man, who happened to be my step dad. I said "At least it doesn't smell." and he walked off to look at the animals. It was very dark, but I managed to find the stairs and go up them. At the top, was my mum's room, where it is in the waking world. I went inside and saw the blue haired girl, sat on the bed brushing her soft hair. I spoke to her about prostitution, and that there was another girl that she could do...business with. The man who was my step dad, was no longer my step dad, but a red haired girl. Both of the girls were 15 years old so it seemed kinda weird. The dream then faded as the girl smiled at me and winked.

    Thanks for reading.

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