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    Boat Party. July 3rd 2012.

    by , 07-07-2012 at 06:45 PM (362 Views)

    I must say, I did not enjoy this dream. It was vivid but not very fun .

    I was walking around school in the technology block. This teacher came out of nowhere and asked me to carry some stuff out, so I walked out and searched for these things. I then saw a pile of litter bags and debated wether I should carry a bag or just go home. The bags were located in the school car park, where a couple of my lucids have started. I was surprised I didn't get lucid when I woke up. I then decided I would go home, but my cooking teacher walked out and told me to carry them with her. I picked up 2 heavy bags and followed her somewhere. We ended up on a docked house boat. It was a boat, but it had about 3 floors and seemed like a normal house. I walked around looking at some pictures on the wall, somehow feeling annoyed. I was annoyed because had to have a family party on this boat, and I hate family parties. I then got a call saying that I had to go home.

    Fair recall, but only 1 decent dream.

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