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    Creepypasta-Style Swords. September 8th 2012.

    by , 09-09-2012 at 02:49 PM (690 Views)

    September has been great for dreams so far! I hope to do the TotM challanges soon.

    I was at home with my mum. We were in the living room talking about how a ghost was in someone's house. I kept having, what seemed like, premonitions of someone being killed by a ghost. The ghost was a small girl, with black hair. She kept throwing these two people out of a window on the second floor. My mum went into the porch and i saw some gladius swords in the kitchen. They ranged in sizes. I picked them all up only to be frustrated. They were made of stainless steel, the material used to make spoons and stuff. I carried them over to the dinner table in the living room. I pulled the plastic wrapper from one of the swords (the biggest one, obviously) and noticed a note fall out. I read the notes and it was related to the ghost visions. I had another premonition of a man being thrown out the window by a girl. These swords must be cursed or something. I ignored the note and walked outside, only to see something weird. The sky was blood red, there were dark bushes everywhere and a big stone cave. A typical creepypasta setting. I read another note, but ignored it without a vision. My house had disappeared behind me and I walked towards the cave. I still had the big gladius with me, so I felt safe to go in. The dungeon was full of red and black rocks. There was also a red mist lingering in the air, making it feel scary and dangerous. To the left, not that far into the cave, was a big stone tablet. The tablet had a picture of an octopus on it. My dream guide came out and told me that I needed to kill this octopus with an electric spell, located at the end of the cave. Luckily, the cave wasn't that big, so I could walk to the end in minutes. I reached the end and this fairy popped out and gave me a scroll. I suddenly knew how to use the spell my dream guide told me to use. I headed back to the tablet and used the spell. In seconds, I was suddenly a character from final fantasy, along with 3 other people. We were fighting the octopus tablet, in a final fantasy battle style. The octopus hit us with a huge water blast and our health bars hit 1. We were all on the floor, losing hope as we were almost dead. Suddenly, I was in first person, on my side on the floor. I was looking at the cave entrance, losing vision slowly. I noticed that the cave entrance was shrouded in a thick white fog. I saw a man walk through the cave and I felt relieved, we were saved! I woke up shortly after.

    Very odd and scary . I'm on a streak with the fantasy dreams, which happen to be the best dreams. All of them are vivid and they feel so real.

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