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    Dangerous Plane. September 3rd 2012.

    by , 09-05-2012 at 08:32 PM (427 Views)

    Fun, but dangerous. Very, very dangerous .

    I was in a plane, that was flying very low. Maybe about 30 feet from the floor. We were flying over the beach that appeared in the previous 2 dreams. Ahead, I could see a countryside, with a road and a few trees. The captain of the plane was JoeyBelgier, and he decided that we land in a narrow path surround by trees. Nice one Joey. We were just about to land, then the ground turned into a small slope. We landed later than we expected, but we finally felt that bump. As we landed, we were still going very fast, trying to stay on the narrow track. We turned around a corner, my stomach left my body and I held on for life. After turning that corner, we had to turn again, but slower this time. We saw some people under the wing. Finally, there were steps, which I was bracing for. I thought we would bump down these steps, but we gracefully floated down . There were another set of steps and Joey told me we would be fine.

    Hope you enjoyed . September 3rd was crazy.

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    Tags: field, forest, water