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    Disaster to Weird House. June 20th 2012.

    by , 06-20-2012 at 08:13 PM (441 Views)

    4 days after my Lucid, I have managed to recall a clear, vivid dream. Quite an odd dream to say the least.

    I was in a hospital car parking lot with a bunch of random dream characters. I then sat in a car with the door open. I either sat on the seat or put my leg inside. Then out of fucking nowhere, this crazy guy runs out and throws a bucket of angry locusts in the car. I felt the sharpest pain in my legs as if they bit me. I then ran around the car park screaming and shouting "I have a disease!" I ran back to where the car was and realised it was 1pm and the disasters are calm at that time. I had no idea where I got the idea of disasters, but there were lots of them. I walked out of the parking lot and began walking up the road. My step brother was ahead of me. I turned to the left and noticed a huge crack following us up the road. I looked back and saw that it was on the path that we were on, so we went full out and ran for our lives. I tried to avoid falling down the small holes that were appearing under our feet, although they were about 3cms deep. After about 20 seconds of running, I found myself at a dead end. I turned left and entered a small blue house. There were two ways in the house, upstairs or down a slope. I headed down the slope and saw a woman. She started blabbering on about her daughter going missing and wanted me to find her. She then said the weirdest thing I have ever heard. She said "You can fap fap fap all you want, but for now, just fuck." I gave her a poker face and walked out the front door to the left. I saw a guy stood on a fence with lots of explosive barrels around it. A girl with blue hair (possibly my dream guide?) ran out and the lady smiled. Maybe it was her daughter. The guy seemed happy too, but gave the girl some sort of trial or training. The training was to explode all of the barrels. The girl ran around a circle then came back and punched the barrel. I woke up from the explosion.

    Probably the most wtf dream ever. But it's nice to have some recall! I hope to stay awake when I WILD from now on. This dream was a result of waking up at 3:13am then going back to sleep instead of WILDing. Thanks for reading .

    I met a blue haired girl twice before. The first can be found here.

    The second here.

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