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    Dream Bending. July 13th 2012.

    by , 07-14-2012 at 05:40 PM (484 Views)

    I loved this dream, although my mind hurt during it.

    I started in school, in one of my classes. Can't remember what class, but I was just leaving. I walked outside into the school courtyard and saw a few people around, more than I would normally dream about. I then saw a wizard, who I went to go and talk to. I spoke to him and he taught me how to summon dream fragments. He said "Look over at that building..." then lifted his hands, level to his face. He then pulled out a huge cloud with an image in it. The cloud rose from the building, about a mile away. Inside was a woman dressed in red clothes, staring at the sky. It looked like she was in some wooden shack. I then tried, but I failed. I then experience a very odd FA. I became semi lucid and said "That was summoned when I was dreaming!" then performed a failed RC. It was like I woke up in the same dream. I then lost that semi lucidity and began trying to summon a dream fragment. I kept failing and it felt like my hands were going to implode everytime I attempted. I got bored and then walked out of shcool with a girl. As we arrived at the forest, located in the middle of my school and house, I attempted to dream bend one last time. This time I concentrated fully, on an appropiate building in the distance. I failed, but this time my hands were extremely numb and tight. I gave up and walked with the girl some more. Me and this girl then found a house abandoned in an empty field. We went inside and walked up some stairs. The room looked like it was an upstairs conservatory. I then had an thought that this girl was going to do sexual things with me and I said "Oh great, I'm going to get my dick sucked...". The girl walked off and I noticed a TV had appeared, with a video of someone playing Call of Duty. I walked into the same room as the girl went and notcied another TV, with the same video on.

    I enjoyed this dream, but I'm not sure what this FA was, nor what this magic was. I hope to discover what they are .

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    Tags: forest, school