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    Elemental Guards. July 3rd 2012.

    by , 07-04-2012 at 05:04 PM (388 Views)

    Another funny dream that night. Had a great time in this one .

    I was running through some rooms which had a theme of elements. The first room was the wind room. It was empty with green and yellow patterns, but for some reason it was the wind room. I managed to get through that pretty quick because there was no guard. The second room was the water room, guarded by a purple clothed man. He had no hair and was pretty bulky. He was slow so I got past him pretty swiftly. In this room there were purple walls with small waterfalls leading to little pools of water. The next element was eletric, but it was in a corridor. There were sparks flying everywhere. I didn't quite see what the guy looked like, nor the walls but I got past him in a flash. I felt like I was going to get caught soon, so I sped up a little bit. The final room I reached was the fire room. The walls were red and the floor was made up of grey lab panels. I looked at the man, he had black hair and red monk robes on. I turned around back to the eletric room then ran for my life. I slipped past all of the guards and noticed a man had spawned in the wind room, and he ran in front of me and caught me. I said "Trust me to get caught by the black guy hahaha."

    This was a fast paced, fun dream Hope you enjoyed.

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    Tags: chase, water