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    Extreme Minecraft. June 30th 2012.

    by , 06-30-2012 at 08:48 PM (489 Views)

    The final dream I had on the 30th. Another video game dream I present you: EXTREME MINECRAFT.

    I was in a minecraft mushroom house, with an old guy, a little different from the other dreams then he told me to go to a cave. So I walked out of the house and headed over across the field to the cave. The cave was located in the side of a mountain. It seemed like real life but with the graphics of Minecraft. The weather was sunny and warm, very nice . I went into the cave and tripped on some TNT which exploded and caused me to panic. I ran through the cave feeling scared and disorientated by the explosion, but stopped and looked down a hole. It was full of weird creatures that are not even in minecraft. One of them was like a giant white silverfish. I said to myself "I will have to check the wiki, never seen that creature before." Then turned around and walked back out. 2 creepers fell from a hole in the roof and caused me to panic again. I sprinted through the dark cave again and the dream ended from panic.

    Another awesome dream had the best atmosphere when exiting the house. Very awesome .

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    Tags: chase, game
    non-lucid , memorable