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    Fantasy Game. July 11th 2012.

    by , 07-13-2012 at 04:51 PM (399 Views)

    A very fun and interesting dream. Finally a decent dream. I usually dream about casual, everyday stuff, but this was not very casual at all.

    I was walking through a dungeon, similar to Skyrim's dunegon style. I had a 2 handed greatsword, but it wasn't that big. I ran into a knight, which summoned a large ogre to assist him. The knight was wearing silver armour and cyan clothing underneath. He ran away, holding a silver and red lance. It looked like he ran into an 'office'. I was left to fight the troll, which I killed in seconds. I climbed up some small stairs to the left then jumped off the slightly higher ledge and stabbed it in the back of the head. It faded in a puff of blue and green smoke. I then ran over to the knight and stabbed him in the shoulder, then sliced off his head. That fight too about a minute. I then found a box, which I looted and found some really cool stuff. I found a nice sword which was red and silver, then found some jewellery and gems. After looting his office, I walked out the same way I entered, then exited the dungeon. As soon as I exited, I saw an icy hill, with a giant's camp at the top. Left of the hill was a cave and left of that, was a path leading somewhere. The sky was really blue, with no clouds or sun. The weather was really great . I walked up the hill, hoping to avoid a fight. Instead, I saw a huge mammoth wearing some purple robes around it's next. It seemed like I woke it up as I sneaked around it, which made it really pissed off. It hit me and out me on low 'health'. I ran down the hill and then into the cave, left of the hill. I serached my bag, but could not find any potions to heal myself. A frost troll then leaped out from the ground and I started to panic because of my low health. I decided to run away from it, by sprinting around it and the running down the path. The path happened to lead to a village, so I stopped running and slowly made my way over to a shop. Along the way, I noticed a huge firefight was going on. About 8 people near me were taking cover behind 2 Skyrim style buildings, shooting at the opposing people with old M14 guns. I randomly pulled out a WW2 sniper and started shooting 8 year olds in the face, who were shooting at the people on my side of the village. I slowly walked while sniping people then realised they were all dead. I went inside their cover, which was an outside part of a cottage. Kind of like a downstairs balcony.

    I really enjoyed this dream, but jesus it's kinda long. Sorry about that .

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