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    Glidey Suit! May 19th 2012.

    by , 05-19-2012 at 06:39 PM (626 Views)

    This was a really cool dream and I experienced a weird feeling in it .

    I was walking in a house in a different country...maybe Turkey? and I was observing the machines in the building with my sister. We both then headed outside, the weather was warm and beautiful. I saw a man with a gliding suit on and he jumped off the large steep stairs we were on and glided off in to the village. A voice came from nowhere and said something like "you may be able to beat him in speed, but you can't beat him in turning." maybe he was asking for a contest? My sister decided to jump off and glide after him then I shortly followed her. I leaped off the stairs and glided after her. It felt really awesome, but then I lost control and rapidly nose dived to the floor. This is when the weird feeling comes in, I felt my stomach drop like when you are on a rollercoaster. IT WAS HORRIBLE I TELL YOU D:. I somehow managed to teleport back to the stairs and have another go. But this time I had trouble taking off and just face planted on the stairs . Also my sister was trying to help me while I failed.

    The dream shifted to another dream but continued after the next one.

    The next part took place in the same area. But this time I was outside of the village and I tried to get back over to the stairs we were on. It felt very like skyrim, possible dream sign? Then I teleported in to the town where the stairs were but there was no house. It was just the stairs then a strange pattern at the top.

    The dream shifted again and ended at that point, which was dissapointing but the next dream is also really cool. Check it out soon Thanks for reading. ^_^

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    non-lucid , memorable


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      Second dream about a glidey suit