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    Gliding With Dinosaurs. July 14th 2012.

    by , 07-15-2012 at 02:15 PM (544 Views)

    I really liked this dream, although it was very weird. I also missed a really obvious dream sign D:.

    I started off walking through a minecraft room. There were brick fire places everywhere, but instead of fire, there were chests. There was also a torch on the left side of each fire place. The room pretty much consisted of fire places. On top of that, there were zombies. Everywhere. They were not minecraft zombies though, they were real. I breached through a door, leading to the fire place room, then done some hand to hand combat with a couple of zombies. I then fell to the floor, then watched myself in third person as I got my head chewed apart. I attempted to pull my head away but it got eaten. I managed to get up and recover, so I ran away from the zombies while looting chests. The zombies all disappeared as I started watching a youtube video on one of the fire places. The video went into 'full screen' mode and it seemed like I was inside it. It was a guy just riding horses up and down a canyon-like area. I eventually got bored and moved onto another fire place and searched a video about pokemon. The setting was the same, but this time, the guy was riding a Zebrastrika, which is a horse pokemon. He started slowly galloping down a long path then sped up to a fast speed. A few minutes later, he rode past a giant dinosaur with huge arms. After that, I started to control instead of the guy. I didn't have the horse, I was just walking, while observing the dinisaurs. I then found a path which led to the right, so I walked up. I saw a Pterodactyl and another type of dinosaur. I attacked the Pterodactyl and then it started to glide round and attack me. The other dinosaur was angry too, so it glided off of the cliff, but it did not have wings. It flew into the air then glided back to the hill. The Pterodactyl was just gliding around. I then felt the urge to leap off of the rocks by the cliff edge, so I did. I opened out my arms and legs, then began to slowly glide. I only went out about a meter, because I was scared. I then turned around and landed safely on the rocks again. Just as I landed, I ran away as fast as I could...but with no energy or breath left. Usually when this dream sign occurs, I would perform a reality check, but I didn't. It puts alot of pressure on me, so It's really hard to perform a decent reality check. As I was running away, I turned around and said "Goodbye, thanks for the fun!". The dream faded as I walked up another hill.

    'Twas fun, but I really hate that chase dream sign. It's hard to get lucid because of the pressure, and it feels horrible not being able to get away. Thanks for reading .

    There is a typo in this, but paigeyemps told me not to change it because it's cute. Dinisaurs.

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