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    Japan Dragon Attack. June 26th 2012.

    by , 06-26-2012 at 09:27 PM (461 Views)

    My recall has sucked but I managed, barely, to get most of the dream down .

    I was walking through a weird red temple courtyard. It seemed to have a Japanese theme to it. I can't remember who I was with, but I then walked around a corner into a huge battlefield. There were piles of rubble everywhere and dragons flying around in the distance. I ran over to help the people getting attacked. I hid behind a scrap peice of metal that had been ripped off of something. As dragons flew over us, I used the 'Dragonrend' shout from skyrim. The dragons flew in from my right and toward the temple. It was dark, but light on the field. I ran over to the temple, stopped then ran back again. While running back, I notcied 3 dragons above my head and another flying even higher in circles above the other dragons. I soon teleported back to the temple with my sister and step sister. We teleported again, through the temple gates and found ourselves at my school, wlaking home. When we arrived at home, we went into the house next to mine. I was confused but followed them anyway. I was a little bit lucid when going up the stairs of the house, I thought of doing a RC but didn't think it was a dream, so I continued. At the top of the stairs were 3 beds, which made me ask "is this where they sleep?". My sister did not reply.

    I remember a fragment which is:

    A man and a woman were on a small white boat, and the guy had a boner. Not sure why, but he had a boner haha.

    My recall is terrible because of my WBTB for WILD. I get up, drink, toilet and back to bed. It somehow messes up my recall D:.

    Thanks for reading .

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    Tags: family, game, school
    non-lucid , dream fragment