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    (Lucid) Changing Clothes. June 29th 2012.

    by , 06-30-2012 at 03:10 PM (510 Views)

    Didn't type up all of my dreams from yesterday, so I am typing up the other 3 I didn't get down, plus the 4 I had later on that night.

    I think this dream started from a FA.

    I was at home, on my sisters bed. The bed was on a different side so I became semi lucid. It was extremely clear and realistic so I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not. I picked up a small purple calculator and read the digits. I looked away, then looked back. I kept repeating this and everytime I looked back, the numbers would change. This still wan't enough for me to become lucid so I performed a reality check. Within seconds, I became lucid because I could breath! The first thing I thought of doing, was to attempt flying, but I felt so caged in because of the walls. I got up from the bed and looked outside. It was so sunny I couldn't even see anything, the light was blinding. I decided to try and get outside the safe way by going downstairs. As I left my sister's room, I remembered to stabilize, so I rubbed my hands together on the way out. I almost tripped over the vacuum cleaner . I walked across towards the stairs and realised I was in my dressing gown, so I looked up in the air, imagined some clothes, then looked back down and noticed I was fully changed. I thought about stabilizing a second time, maybe even nose plugging but decided not to and as a result, lost my lucidity.

    Had a little bit of control in this dream, but I was kind of annoyed that I didn't make it outside. Closest I have got to exploring a dreamscape. I never focus on doing that . Thanks for reading (Ugh, 6 more entries to go.)

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    Tags: family
    lucid , false awakening