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    Luna Kuune Dragon. June 29th 2012.

    by , 06-30-2012 at 03:44 PM (498 Views)

    The 3rd I had that morning/night. Turned into a mild nightmare at the end.

    I was walking through a grassy plain like on skyrim. Seconds later, a dragon named "Luna Kuune Dragon" flew over the mountain to the right of me and I somehow knew it was going to be very strong, so i ran towards the mountain it flew from. As I reached the mountain, it blew a huge round of fire at me. I almost died, but I managed to heal the burns. I managed to out run the dragon, so it flew over me from behind and then into the distance. The battle wasn't over yet, 12-15 'Muse Warriors' ran out in a scrambled line towards me. I hacked and slashed through all of them as they came. There was a small hut to the left and a big rock to the right, so I had the advantage. Only one warrior could fit through. I sliced them all down as they came through one by one. The last 3, I pushed into the hut and they turned into cats. I had killed 2 of them before I realised they were cats. I had injured the last one too. The last was a small grey cat, led on the stone table. I had already hurt it so I kept slahing to try and stop it from suffering. It just wouldn't die, not even blood was coming out of it, but I could see it was in pain and carried on. I grew tired but I was determined to put this cat out of it's misery, although I had no effect on it's rock hard skin.

    I think the dream ended there. Not sure if I liked this dream though...but thanks for reading .

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    Tags: game
    non-lucid , nightmare