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    Memorable Dreams

    1. The Most Amazing Dreamscape. September 7th 2012.

      by , 09-09-2012 at 02:22 PM (Dream Journal)

      Probably my favourite non-lucid dream ever. It felt so real and I was stunned by the dreamscape.

      I started in a car, with my dad. We drove into this village which had a medieval theme to it. There were lanterns, knights, peasants and everything you would expect to be in a medieval village. There was a castle over to the left, and then houses everywhere else. We got out of the car and walked into the castle. The castle was made out of gold on the inside, it wasn't very big but it looked nice and bright. The king was sat in his golden throne over in the distance. We walked over to him, and he asked me to do something. I can't remember what he said exactly but he mentioned a necromancer in the woods. I assumed that he meant for me to find this necromancer, so I set out to the forest located just outside the village. At this point, I was by myself. I walked past the car and then into the forest nearby. The village kind of reminded me of Skyrim a little, because of the housing styles and the paths. I finally reached the forest, it was almost completely blackened from the darkness. I felt a little scared, but in the distance were two figures. An old lady and my dream guide - the blue haired girl. They started walking away from me slowly, so I ran towards them to keep up. I managed to get closer and I suddenly realized that the old lady was the necromancer. The one that the king was on about earlier. They didn't say anything to me, they just pointed in the direction we were meant to go. Just ahead was a stone arc and a dirt path leading upwards to somewhere. I walked under the arc and up the hill, only to find the best thing ever. We came out on top of a small hill. It was quite high up, but it didn't have much space to move around on. From the hill, you could see over the village and out across the forest. That wasn't the best part though, the sky was. It was a mixture of purple and dark blue, making it a really nice color. There were four HUGE moons, which seemed really close to us. One of the moons had a white ring around it, making it the biggest and the most beautiful. I can't describe how amazing the whole place looked. The necromancer tried talking to me, but I was just stunned by the sky and how nice it was. I guess the atmosphere didn't help me focus on what was being said, that felt really cool too. I finally snapped out of it, and listened to the old lady. She told me to examine these statues that were at the front of the hill top. I walked over to them, probably about three meters distance, and looked at them. There were four small figures, they looked like mini totem poles and behind them were four large stone pillars. It was like a tribe had set something up here. I then led on my stomach next to the artifacts and looked out at the village. The lanterns made it lit up so we could see what was going on there. More cars were turning up through the gate and some knights were having a sword fight right next to a car. One of the knights flipped the other one over, causing him to dent the car next to them. The necromancer just smiled at me, like old woman in fairy tales do. I didn't see my dream guide from this point on, but I assume she was stood behind me, guarding us and the hill's slope.

      Thanks for reading !

      I think there were mysteries in this dream. There were four artifacts next to each other and four moons in the sky next to each other. Thinking about it now, they may have had something to do with each other. I'm probably going to make this my dream spot, where me, my dream guide and the necromancer will stay. We can discuss things and study the moons and artifacts.
    2. Minecraft Beach. September 3rd 2012.

      by , 09-05-2012 at 08:18 PM (Dream Journal)

      A very cool dream! It's a replica of what I imagine when I'm at the beach.

      I started off in a house, with the blue haired girl that I see often. She seemed to be teamed up with me to find some African kids. Inside this broken house, were a family of young African kids. They were reading books and talking to each other. Didn't look too bad, but the house did. It looked more like an abandoned hut. We both went outside onto the same beach that I ate the kebab on. I looked out at the ocean and noticed that the tide was completely out. I looked closer and noticed the tide was coming back it at a fast speed. I looked to the left and saw a load of people being evacuated from the wave that was coming on. The wave was only about 5 inches high, but it still scared us all. I looked back to where the house was, but instead was a wall of pebbles and stones. The blue haired girl was gone, too. Just me and a lot of people. I walked over to the wall and attempted to climb it by struggling my feet over the pebbles. I got pretty high but it crumbled below me and I fell, about 2 meters. I tried again and managed to get to the top (probably about 3 meters high). I ran further forward and everything changed into minecraft graphics. The beach was still real life, but everything else was minecraft. Apparently I was meant to be gathering supplies to survive this tiny wave. I was with 2 other people, who were in the wooden hut (NOTE: everything is minecraft) at the end of the grass patch. To the right was a large hedge and to the left was a huge empty field. I was told to go and gather seeds, so I ran back to the beach, but along the way, I saw a small little farm area. There were 5 blocks of moist soil, each planted with something. Opposite these blocks, were 5 moist blocks but with nothing planted. I planted tomatoes, a huge seed and something else. You can't obtain these in the game, but I did . The dream then faded quickly.

      This is the second out of the three dreams I had, which took place somewhere near that one beach shore.
    3. (Lucid) Failed Flying Attempts. August 26th 2012.

      by , 09-05-2012 at 07:02 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was an okay Lucid. I managed to have a little control over the dreamscape. My nose plug worked incredibly well, too.

      I started off lucid, right as the dream appeared. It felt really weird, the dream faded in from a grey background with silver flying patterns. As the dreamscape "loaded" I was looking down at the floor. I was in my house on the upper floor outside my bathroom. I pinched my nose, not expecting anything, then suddenly...I could breathe! It was very shocking because I did not expect a huge gust of air to blow out of my nose. I then looked around, then at my sister's bedroom. I noticed the window was wide open, so I thought about jumping out and flying. As I walked over to the window, I stabilized and reality checked again, just to keep myself from waking up. I decided not to jump out of the window, instead, I jumped up into the sky, straight through the ceiling not expecting anything to change. As I exited the roof, I saw a HUGE city just like London at it's old times. The buildings were brown, the sky was almost dark, the stars were appearing and the sun was setting. The sun was not very big though, neither was the orange glow around it. I still thought it looked nice though. On my way back down to the houses, I quickly teleported to a road, in the daylight. I thought about flying there. I think it was the hospital car park that I was in, but it had a road going through it. I jumped into the air, not very high, only about 2 meters. The dream faded quickly as I fell back down.

      It was quite long - longer than most of my lucids already. It was great that I got lucid right at the start as well.
      lucid , memorable
    4. Golden Swords. August 20th 2012.

      by , 09-02-2012 at 03:16 PM (Dream Journal)

      This dream was really awesome.

      I was walking through a shop, by myself. My mum works at this shop, so I saw her. She was speaking to other work members quite near me. I helped her carry out some boxes, then I dropped them off and walked away, into the clothes sections. I found a pair of golden swords underneath the clothes. I picked them up and them decided to sneak around the shop like a ninja. The swords were very similar to the one I held in Egypt. I then walked over to a girl, which looked a lot like OctoberWind. She told me to meet her before hand, at the shop entrance. After, she walked away and I followed. When i got out of the shop, she was gone and I was in a train station, waiting for my mum to pick me up in her car. I got bored of waiting and decided to leave by walking. I found myself at school, showing every my swords which looked plastic and shiny. I had one in my pocket at it looked blue. The dream ended with me walking through a tunnel, holding these swords in a combat stance.

      OctoberWind was in the dream because I had another dream about her before. I was play fighting with her on my bed .
    5. Barn House Girl. August 7th 2012.

      by , 09-02-2012 at 02:49 PM (Dream Journal)

      I really enjoyed this dream because it was so vivid, but I have no idea what to think. Was it a good dream? or was it just plain wrong...

      I was walking with a random man, towards a barn house that we had just bought. We went inside and looked around. It felt so real. There were small animal cages everywhere and hay covered the floor. The actual place was my house, but everything was moved around differently and there were weird objects. I spoke to the man, who happened to be my step dad. I said "At least it doesn't smell." and he walked off to look at the animals. It was very dark, but I managed to find the stairs and go up them. At the top, was my mum's room, where it is in the waking world. I went inside and saw the blue haired girl, sat on the bed brushing her soft hair. I spoke to her about prostitution, and that there was another girl that she could do...business with. The man who was my step dad, was no longer my step dad, but a red haired girl. Both of the girls were 15 years old so it seemed kinda weird. The dream then faded as the girl smiled at me and winked.

      Thanks for reading.

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    6. Fists of Fire. July 15th 2012.

      by , 07-15-2012 at 09:32 PM (Dream Journal)

      A really cool dream I had this morning. My recall was no the best, but I got something down.

      I was in a park. The weather was great. It was like the sun was setting at the time. I then realised I was fighting a guy next to the swings. It was an unarmed fight, but I had fire fists. Each time I punch him, a small burst of fire would escape. I hit the guy in the jaw with a flaming uppercut then leaped into the air slammed down on him with a downwards fire punch. As he hit the floor, a long laser of fire shot out of his body. I then walked off, like a boss. I saw a girl stood by a building, just outside the park. I went over to her and asked her about that laser move I just done. She told me how to do it again, but this time it was a 'glitch' of how to do it. She told me to slash at this guy's head and legs. I went over to a man who magically appeared and then slashed his head and feet. The guy fell to the floor and then she told me to wait 25 minutes. I was a little bit annoyed. I then watched the guy turn into planks of wood, which was really weird for me to see. I decided to go and adventure the cave nearby. I went in the cave and was able to switch to a 3rd person view. I noticed I had 2 yellow eletric tentacles coming out of my hands. I looked down at the water I was stood in, at the back of the cave. I put my eletric tentacles in, but nothing happened. Not even a little buzz . But then I walked back to the start of the cave, and saw thew girl again. She told me that I could power lamps with my eletric. I was ...shocked. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. I then shot some eletric at the lamp, and it lighted up. I saw another and did the same. I soon went back to the guy and done the move that I wanted to do, but with eletric this time.

      I really enjoyed this dream, and I thought that pun was kinda awesome .
    7. Weird Flashbacks. July 9th 2012.

      by , 07-13-2012 at 04:01 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was a really weird dream. I had flashbacks more than once and in another dream. I woke up and fell asleep again, having the same flashbacks. But the last time, I found out where they were coming from .

      I was with a friend from school, in a huge empty room made of metal. I then saw the head teacher of our school walk at a fast speed away from us, into an obstacle course. I then teleported to a beach after having a flashback of a dwarf man with a metal sword-shaped suit. I then had a FA at the beach. I 'woke' up in a beach shack with some kids nearby. I had another flashback. I then noticed some Draugr things from Skyrim were breaching the door. I picked up a sword and began hacking away at them. I had a third flashback which woke me up.

      After waking up, I fell asleep again and had another dream.

      I started off in a prison, just outside a cell. I saw a skeleton man with big eyes. He was scraping skin off of a man, who said: "These are where your flashbacks came from!" then laughed. Just seconds after, I had a fourth flashback, but of the skeleton man killing a dwarf. I finally woke up and recorded in my DJ.

      I thought these dreams were really cool because they were related, but at the same time pretty creepy .
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      memorable , non-lucid
    8. Secret Turnip Discovery. July 6th 2012.

      by , 07-13-2012 at 03:47 PM (Dream Journal)

      Finally found the time to catch up with my DJ entries.

      I was driving down a road with my friend. There was a hill next to the road with a small, thin dirt path running through it. There were lots of trees surrounding it so I could not really see the path that well. Me and a friend were trying to find a building but instead we found a cave. We went inside the cave and there was a stone ramp going up to the left of the entrance, starting from the back of the cave. I went up this ramp and found a dirt patch, which I felt I needed to dig up. It was like I had instincts going. I turned around and noticed my friend was searching around the other stone ramps located in the opposite direction. I went back to the dirt patch and pull the dirt off as if it was a blanket. I saw a turnip and quickly pulled it out. It started speaking to me but I can't remember what it said.

      I felt this dream was pretty cool
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      non-lucid , memorable
    9. The Weird Man. July 3rd 2012.

      by , 07-04-2012 at 04:36 PM (Dream Journal)

      Had some decent recall this morning. But this dream was incredibly odd .

      I was in a car with my sister and my dad. My dad was driving, my sister in the passenger seat and me in the back right seat. At first we were driving through a forest but on a main road. Within in 5 minutes the forest cleared and we were on a really crazy, confusing road. There were roads crossing eachother, making it confusing and scary to drive on. As we reached a 'knot' of roads, a crazy tourist man ran across the road with a huge back pack. We decided to follow him and park by the side of a huge long road. We got out and spoke to him. But before we could speak to him, he ran away from us and hid behind a holly bush. He peeped his head around and then walked out from the bush. He approached me calmly then bent over in front of me and surprisingly, he threw a huge lump of horse shit in the air and started to run around screaming. For some reason we were all enjoying watching him runa round screaming. The dream then faded.

      I found this dream amusing, but a little scary when we just drove through the roads that crossed eahcother. Pretty tense and nerve-racking.
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      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Extreme Minecraft. June 30th 2012.

      by , 06-30-2012 at 08:48 PM (Dream Journal)

      The final dream I had on the 30th. Another video game dream I present you: EXTREME MINECRAFT.

      I was in a minecraft mushroom house, with an old guy, a little different from the other dreams then he told me to go to a cave. So I walked out of the house and headed over across the field to the cave. The cave was located in the side of a mountain. It seemed like real life but with the graphics of Minecraft. The weather was sunny and warm, very nice . I went into the cave and tripped on some TNT which exploded and caused me to panic. I ran through the cave feeling scared and disorientated by the explosion, but stopped and looked down a hole. It was full of weird creatures that are not even in minecraft. One of them was like a giant white silverfish. I said to myself "I will have to check the wiki, never seen that creature before." Then turned around and walked back out. 2 creepers fell from a hole in the roof and caused me to panic again. I sprinted through the dark cave again and the dream ended from panic.

      Another awesome dream had the best atmosphere when exiting the house. Very awesome .
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      non-lucid , memorable
    11. (Lucid) Running from the old man. June 16th 2012.

      by , 06-16-2012 at 03:27 PM (Dream Journal)

      At last, a lucid It relates to my previous nightmares. This time I out-smarted it >:-).

      I started off by walking down a street with 2 of my school friends. I had a guitar and so did my friend, so we had a guitar battle. I didn't even get to play before my friend destroyed me with an insane solo. My other friend then said "You were beaten by him." and we all just walked up the road. At this point, the 2 friends from school were different. One had transformed into cookieh and the other was a random guy. We saw a statue that I must have seen in another dream, I'm certain I saw it before. Cookieh explained what the statue was. She said something like "If you touch the statue then the old guy chases the kid." The statue was a golden old guy chasing a kid. She then touched the statue and it move a meter away from us and into a bush. Cookieh and the guy ran back onto the road I was on before and I ran off in the opposite direction towards a car parking area. It was the same one that is in my school. The same dream fragment happened about 4 times. I was running away from an old guy in a yellow top. Finally, I was running again and this time, the old guy was ahead of me trying to catch other young people. He went to grab me but I ran around him. I was extremely out of breath, just like the last nightmares I had before. I found myself running very slow and falling over a lot. I decided to fall onto my hands and feet then ran really fast like a werewolf. A guy in front of me did the same. The guy disappeared down the exact same road located in the real world. It's a path where the forest and the school carpark is. I then got up onto 2 feet again, but this time I felt very odd.

      I pretty much became lucid at this point. I looked at my hands but nothing was wrong with them. I still knew I was dreaming because I said to myself "I must be dreaming because I have never been here before." then I looked at my hands a second time and noticed a strange energy coming from my left hand. I decided to do the nose plug check just to make sure. I could breathe . When I did it, the air coming out was cold on my nose and fingers. Straight after, I remembered to keep the dream stable by rubbing my hands together. I then asked myself if I should attempt to shoot an elemental ball out of my hand, but I said no and tried to change the dreamscape instead. Before I tried this, I looked behind me to see if the old guy was still on my back but luckily he wasn't. I also thought of walking through the forest, but it was dark inside although light outside of it. Finally I closed my eyes and began spinning around, imagining a large beatiful beach. When I half opened my eyes, I noticed I was in my bed. I could hear lot's of voices as if my room was populated. I found that I couldn't open my eyes very well, it seemed like they were sealed shut. I somehow managed to sit up and do the nose plug check again. It was cold, just like the first time.

      I'm pretty sure the dream slipped into a non lucid after that check. This dream has topped the first and second. It was much longer, I think about 60-80 seconds. Almost a minute longer than the last 2. Also I managed to have some kind of control, I changed the dreamscape . Thanks for reading, I had fun typing this up!

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    12. Searching with the Blue Haired Girl. June 6th 2012.

      by , 06-07-2012 at 11:49 AM (Dream Journal)

      Not the only dream I remembered, but I only had time to get the notes down of this dream.

      In this dream, I was walking down the local market with my cousin. We were talking about something which I can't remember. It was a nice day and the path was pretty busy. A group of 6 or 7 people walked out of a shop ahead of us and then walked around me and my cousin. Soon, 3 people walked out of another shop ahead of us. One was a guy, with long black hair (he looked similar to Nathan Explosion form Metalocalypse), the second was a young woman with average blonde hair and the last one, was the blue haired girl. This time she had only cyan hair an black clothes on. Still very beautiful though. I decided to part with my cousin and walk with the 3 people. At the end of the path was their black car. We got in it and it teleported us to a weird field. It was almost dark, it looked very similar to the wastelands on the game "Borderlands". We parted ways by splitting into pairs. The black haired guy and the blonde woman went as a pair and I was paired with the blue haired girl. Isn't that surprising? We then found a hole in one of the small hills of the field. We walked in and saw a "dead" woman chained to a dark stone-grey wall and another dead person lead face down on a dark wooden bench. This part of the dream rings a bell from a previous dream I had ages ago. We were looking around the room as if we were trying to find something, but instead I went up to the body that was face down on the bench and liften open the top part of the head. I said to the blue haired girl, "Want some brains? haha." She smiled at me then the "dead" woman chained to the wall jumped up and attacked us. Luckily, the other pair stormed in through the secret door and killed her...again. The guy also got attacked by the same red haired girl that lived in the tree in my previous dream, with the blue and read haired girls. She jumped on him and they kissed. Everyone was shocked. The blue haired girl said "Why would you do that?". The blonde woman was speechless and I was just observing, confused. The dream ended at this point.

      This is the second time I have ran into the blue haired girl and the red haired girl. The red haired girl seemed more aggresive while the blue haired girl was nice. Maybe opposites?

      The first dream I met this girl in can be found here

      The red haired girl is in that same dream, but I feel more connected to the blue haired girl. I sure hope she is a Dream Guide.

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    13. Water Tree Spirit. June 5th 2012.

      by , 06-05-2012 at 01:40 PM (Dream Journal)

      So this morning I had a magical dream at last. I usually dream about school or non-magical dreams, but I felt this was one of the best I have had in a long time.

      I was in a field, similar to the one near a pond in my area. I was walking through it and saw a tree a couple of meters near the lake. I somehow got into a fight with this tree, I was determined to beat this tree for some odd reason. I was slicing the tree with an orange chainsaw, branch by branch, avoiding the attacks it made. The tree was gradually moving away from the water so I ran away from it and reached a small hill with a decent spot to hide in. I think I remember a fragment about a guy hiding in this particular spot. It was like a small crack in the hill, but wide enough for me to sit in. I then ran back to the tree and continued attacking the tree with the chainsaw. I then retreated back to the spot and watch the tree transform into a large stump. I was scared to go near the stump incase it attacked me. I then decided to go up and stab the tree with the chainsaw, but ran back for the third time. I watched it transform again, but this time into a floating tree. It was almost as if it was hanging from something. It was just under a meter from the ground and was longer than it was wide, but still smaller than the last two forms. I then saw the tree fall to the ground and transform a fourth time. It was similar to the stump, but had a red haired girl half in it. She was wearing green clothes and was not moving. For the last time, the tree transformed again, but back to the first form. There was a beautiful blue-haired girl half in it. She seemed alive and was welcoming me to talk to her. I walked over to her and noticed she had scaled clothes on. They were coloured with all sorts of nice colours, like cyan, light green and purple. She also had some of these colours in her hair to match her clothing. She looked like she could be a goddess or something. She made the tree disappear and I walked with her to the lake, where we sat down in the shallow water and observed the lake. I asked her if we should build a bridge across the lake. I said something like "Shall we build a bridge across there, then to the platform?". She replied with a nod. We then changed the topic and noticed a McDonalds appear on the left hand side. It was flooded from the lake and there were a few woman sweeping the water away. By this point, a guy had appeared left of me, but he was quiet and I didn't pay attention to him. We were discussing about working at this McDonalds, then the dream faded.

      I loved this dream, it had many wierd things happen in it. First it seemed like I had to tame the tree in order to talk to the water spirit. The water spirit seemed hard to get, but she eventually came to me. I sure hope she is my dream guide, so great to look at . I have always been interested in water anyway, so it'd be a bonus. The other weird thing that happened was when I went to the spot where some guy hid before. It seemed so familiar when I woke up. Maybe the guy by the lake was him? That'd be really wierd. I mentioned in my workbook that the blue haired lady (the water spirit) was someone that I wanted to know more about. So from now on, she remains 2 titles. The blue haired lady and the water spirit. I also think that the tree abducted her and the other red haired girl was the wood spirit or something. But either way, it was great to have met this woman.
    14. (Lucid) Searching for my dream guide. May 25th 2012.

      by , 05-25-2012 at 03:16 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was my second lucid, it was short, but MUCH longer than the last. It lasted about 15-20 seconds and my first lasted only about 8 seconds .

      I was in a house, similar to my aunt's house, but it felt abandoned and a little broken. I suddenly had the urge to perform a reality check, and so I did. I looked at my hands and my fingers were all crooked and deformed. I quickly became lucid and rubbed my hands together to keep the dream from slipping away and then looked around a bit. I then felt as if I needed to find my dream guide, so I shouted "Dream guide, are you there?" but there was no response. I even felt a little scared incase something jumped out and me, I was so paranoid, I forgot to stabelise the dream and it slipped away from me.

      That is all for this dream, it was a good experience but I wish I could have done more. I have no idea why I decided to find a dream guide, maybe for advice?
      lucid , memorable
    15. Glidey Suit! May 19th 2012.

      by , 05-19-2012 at 06:39 PM (Dream Journal)

      This was a really cool dream and I experienced a weird feeling in it .

      I was walking in a house in a different country...maybe Turkey? and I was observing the machines in the building with my sister. We both then headed outside, the weather was warm and beautiful. I saw a man with a gliding suit on and he jumped off the large steep stairs we were on and glided off in to the village. A voice came from nowhere and said something like "you may be able to beat him in speed, but you can't beat him in turning." maybe he was asking for a contest? My sister decided to jump off and glide after him then I shortly followed her. I leaped off the stairs and glided after her. It felt really awesome, but then I lost control and rapidly nose dived to the floor. This is when the weird feeling comes in, I felt my stomach drop like when you are on a rollercoaster. IT WAS HORRIBLE I TELL YOU D:. I somehow managed to teleport back to the stairs and have another go. But this time I had trouble taking off and just face planted on the stairs . Also my sister was trying to help me while I failed.

      The dream shifted to another dream but continued after the next one.

      The next part took place in the same area. But this time I was outside of the village and I tried to get back over to the stairs we were on. It felt very like skyrim, possible dream sign? Then I teleported in to the town where the stairs were but there was no house. It was just the stairs then a strange pattern at the top.

      The dream shifted again and ended at that point, which was dissapointing but the next dream is also really cool. Check it out soon Thanks for reading. ^_^

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