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    Messed Up Food. September 3rd 2012.

    by , 09-05-2012 at 07:59 PM (424 Views)

    This dream would probably seem more messed up to you, but I enjoyed it a little...

    I started off walking on the beach shore (It explains why I had 2 other dreams here). I found a house located north of the sea, so I went in. I was greeted by Freddy Krueger. He was sat down frying bread on a barbecue. He offered me a piece and I ate it. Tasted nice! . He told me...more like forced me to follow him. I followed him and he gave me a kebab, the ones where you put different food on a stick. I started to eat the "chicken". Tasted fine, but then I suddenly knew that it was made of my own, cooked flesh. I looked at my stomach but it was fine, I'm not sure where my flesh was taken from. I then moved on to the mushrooms, which tasted exactly like them. I sure hope they were not my balls or something. Everything tasted nice, so the joke was on Freddy. He saw that I was fine, so he took me back to the bread and gave me another piece. I'm not sure what the bread made from .

    As messed up as you thought? Probably.

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