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    A Mild Nightmare to a Weird Dream.. June 1st 2012.

    by , 06-02-2012 at 11:43 AM (477 Views)

    I was going to type this up last night, but instead I went out >.>

    I was at school, on the courtyard, with JoeyBelgier (again) and a girl. I didn't quite see who she was, or maybe I just didn't pay attention. So Joey was running around the courtyard...being himself. he was jumping on the tables and singing while running around. He seemed either excited or he had a lot of sugar that day . He then ran around towards the school building and we followed him. Me and the girl stopped and watched as he tried to climb up the wall. He jumped on the small wooden railing ad then leaped towards a clock placed outside on the wall. It was only about 2-3 meters high but it looked like a struggle. He grabbed the clocked but fell back down and smashed his back on the wooden railings. He was dead. A guy came over and asked what was going on, I said to him "He's...dead..." then a whole group of 15-20 people came rushing over. It was like a small stampede. I then walked off around the courtyard by myself. I was very shocked, upset and surprised by what I just witnessed. The way he fell was almost like the ragdoll physics on Skyrim. While I was walking around the courtyard, just round the corner from where Joey fell, I noticed that the whole place was empty and the building where Joey died was clear of people. Even Joey's body was gone. In the window next to the clock, there was a dog. My dog it seemed. I then had a sudden urge to feel that Joey was alive somehow. I went around the building and entered the hallway. When I got inside, I was naked. I then went into the room next to where Joey died and there were about 6 girls looking at me. I then sat on the floor but this time I was in just a pair of jeans. I soon told them what happened and they just laughed at me . I got up from the floor and walked back into the hallway. I headed nextdoor. This was the room with the dog in it, only it was no longer my dog, but a large black dog. It did not look very happy and then jumped up at me as I tried to stroke it. It bit me on the arm and I felt it cramp my wrist. It was not sharp but it was pretty tight. I then jumped away from it and ran out the room as fats as I could. By this point, I had forgotten about Joey's death and decided to go through the hallway and to the back exit of the school. Again, I was in my friends back garden. (for the third time this week) It was me, 3 old ladies and a couple of DC's who I did not recognise. In the center of the garden was 3 VERY odd cars, they all looked like stickmen and had stretched out wheels and about 3 or 4 wheels. They were like stickman tricycles. We all then got in these weird car bycycles and started driving them around. I could not control the one I was on and instead just circled on my left wheel. Soon I got up form the seat and walked away from the old ladies. They seemed angry when I walked off, so I ran and the dream faded away.

    Wow what a weird dream haha. I only just managed to recall all of this. The bit where Joey fell from the clock was VERY vivid, a fairly decent start to June I would say .

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    Tags: garden, school
    non-lucid , nightmare