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    Motorbike Crash. September 13th 2012.

    by , 09-27-2012 at 02:00 PM (780 Views)

    I enjoyed this dream a lot, but it hurt.

    I was at a hotel, which was built on the side of a small hill. It looked really nice, probably 5 stars too. I sat at a table (outside) with someone, and I was playing Pokemon. I somehow had control over the weather, so I made it rain. It's a shame that I wasn't lucid during this dream, I think I almost got lucid at this point. I stopped playing and went out to the courtyard in front of the hotel and started to play music. There was a band playing metal in a playground nearby so I joined. I then left after a song and saw my sister. She offered me a lift back to my house. I sat on the front of her motorbike, which was stupid and dangerous. We were going really fast down a road, listening to metal music. Suddenly the front wheel collapsed and we started to lose control. Within seconds, the bike stopped and I flew off the handlebars at a high speed. I must have flew at least 10 meters from the bike, then I hit the sidewalk, which felt real and painful. I woke up a second after.

    Hope you enjoyed.

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    Tags: family, game