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    Raiding a Fortress. September 11th 2012.

    by , 09-15-2012 at 11:54 AM (783 Views)

    Recall wasn't good, but I got 2 recorded down.

    I was at a building, which looked like a fortress or something. The walls were white and the whole area was pretty much a country. There were vast fields and a couple of trees around the area. It seemed so empty, so I decided to go inside. I climbed up the right wall and found a well shaped hole. I feel down and landed in an elevator, next to a woman. She started to hit me so I jumped up and tried to push her off the side as the elevator started. It went up (which makes no sense, because I cam from the roof...) and I struggled to fight this woman. I suddenly knew about this scene from somewhere else, but I don't think I have seen this before. Maybe Déjà vu. I punched her in the jaw, then she fell back and got crushed by the rising elevator platform. Her flesh and skin was ripped off and a bloody skeleton was just rattling on the side. Very brutal. After a couple of seconds, the elevator reached the top and I exited out of a little hatch to the left. It was like an air vent or something. I crawled through some pipes and saw a room, with weird claws coming out of the walls. I went past it, the crawled through the entrance to this room. I found a Skyrim healing potion, which looked trapped. Instead of stepping on the floor, I stepped on some boxes just in case. I picked up the potion and crawled back to the pipe. I then headed outside, coming out from the well that I climbed down. I jumped off of the wall and landed on the floor safely. In the distance was a girl, who looked pretty evil. There were people fighting her, so I thought I would help. The girl had blonde hair, a pink dress and she was rather small. I ran over to her and she started to run away from everyone, really fast. I then had a flashback of Super Mario trying to catch Princess Peach. From this point on, the girl was named Peach. Soon, the girl disappeared and a guy in a small Lego car drove out. Everyone was chasing him and I managed to find a car, which I chased him in. I kept crashing but this guy managed to drop kick him out of the car and everyone ran up to him. I had another flashback, but of Bowser talking to someone in a dark room.

    This dream was pretty vivid but hard to remember.

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