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    Scary Nightmare. August 21st 2012.

    by , 09-02-2012 at 03:59 PM (813 Views)

    A very scary dream, causing me to wake up during the night.

    I started off in school, talking to my friend Tom about his birthday party. I was unsure about going there, because of my lack of social skills. I decide to go anyway. I was then on a bus, driving there. I hate buses the most, especially going by myself. I remember not having a clue where I was, nor when the party was or where it was located. The bus stopped, I panicked, then got off the bus with everyone else. I got off and saw my sister, so we walked up a road together. At the end of the road, was a mansion. There were lots of people crowded around. Inside the window of part of the mansion, there was a VERY creepy statue. It was like a little boy, covered in bandages. It was just staring at us. I then teleported to a room, with my grandma and sister. They were watching TV while I explained something to them. I said "If the nightmare monster comes, I can get lucid and shoot it with a fireball!" I put my hands together and they glowed. I opened my hands before a fireball could charge up. I then watched TV with them, but the screen of the TV was basically my vision. It was like a spectator mode dream. There was a woman lying in bed. She turned over to her right side, only to be greeted by the scariest fucker I have seen. It was led in her bed just staring at her while she screamed. It had dark muddy skin, wide eyes, weird muddy hair and blood around it's mouth and on it's teeth. It laughed at her and then said "The reincarnation has arrived!" I woke up in fright and shock.

    I struggled to get back to sleep after that .

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    Tags: car, family, school
    non-lucid , nightmare


    1. incendrio's Avatar
      i have had that where your like inside the tv its really strange and you cant pause it when you need to i can get the pause screen up but everything keeps going and its really scary as i cant wake myself up
      Lunatide likes this.
    2. Komisoft's Avatar
      Glad someone knows what it's like .