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    Scratching Hotel. July 5th 2012.

    by , 07-08-2012 at 03:07 PM (629 Views)

    This dream was kinda fun, but a little painful too.

    I started off walking down a corridor to a hotel reception. It seemed like the same reception as the one in another dream. I then bought a room from the woman and she gave me a card key. I turned around and my room was only a meter away, so I walked over to it and attempted to insert the key. When I placed the card key in the slot, I felt a rough scratch on my thumb. It felt as if I scraped my thumb on a brick wall. I got annoyed and walked around a little bit, then kept trying to open it. I soon managed to open it up and get inside. There were stairs leading to nowhere and a mysterious entrance behind a wall, which I walked over too and went inside. The hotel had transformed into a huge outdoor hotel with water fountains and white stone columns. It was almost night time, which made the water fountains glow and produce different coloured lights. I had the urge to fight this girl who looked like OctoberWind. She started shooting me with a bow as I ran up to her with a sword. I killed her and then walked back inside the hotel room. When I arrived, I found myself wlaking with 2 weird guys. One was on the stairs and the other was in front of me. I decided I would want to go out of the room. I walked over to the door and it kept scratching me, but I managed to open it with the ruined card key. After openening the door, I thought I should go back to where I killed OctoberWind, so I did. When I arrived, I noticed OctoberWind was still alive, so I chased her up the stairs by the large glowing fountain and then saw two people dancing naked. One was a woman and the other was a fat guy with giant moobs. The dream then ended with a close up of his chest .

    A mixture of feelings in this dream. Started off annoying and painful then to a great relaxing atmosphere and ending with boobs. Thanks for reading .
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    Tags: water


    1. Oceandrop's Avatar
      Haha oh my gosh Lunatide, one naked women and one fat naked guy dancing? What weird porn did you watch lately :D? Just kidding <4 Dreams are often really weird lol so I think a fat guy with giant moobs (rofl) are yet harmless to other things I could imagine to pop up in (your) dreams x') ;P
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    2. Komisoft's Avatar
      It was kinda amusing watching this fat guy dance. The reason why dreams are weird is because the logic part of your brain shuts it's ass down.
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