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    Shark attack! May 15th 2012.

    by , 05-15-2012 at 07:51 PM (591 Views)

    This was the dream I had after the "Bugs in the forest" dream. I think the dream skipped in to this dream.

    This dream first started off on a small boat, with my mother. We were both just walking around the boat, maybe having a few chats along the way. Not sure where we were heading but we were on a boat haha. The sky was really dark blue and it was cloudy. It was almost stormy but pretty warm. Very odd weather. I felt like I was on a cruise through an apocalypse at night, although it was light and warm. By this point we were looking out at the vast sea when surprisingly 6-8 killer whale type sharks swum around us. It started to rain but there wasn't any drops falling and the sea was shaking a little more. Not too violent but shakey . We were both scared shitless as the sharks leaped in and out of the water, then one shark jumped out and bit the back (or front?) of our boat off but we remained floating on the surface of the water. Soon, several other boats appeared randomly and were bitten exactly like our boat was. It almost seemed as if the same dream fragment happened again but in another view. The exact dream fragment happened to our ship again later on after we evaded the sharks. I grabbed a harpoon and shot a few of the sharks out. There were only about 4 left at this point but we had no harpoons left, so I think I may have punched the sharks as they leaped out at us. The sharks give up and swim away and I got a phone call, from the young girl in the previous dream. She phoned up to see what happened and the dream skipped.

    The next part took place in a lab-looking place, like a robotic super market. I couldn't really remember what it was like but this old lady came up to us and I explained what happened with the shark attack. She started blabbering on about a war video game after I explained. But I just went along with it and we spoke about the game for a while.

    That is all I can remember for now, but I know there was another dream afterwards (the 3rd that night) but I didn't get any notes down and I can only remember one little dream fragment about it. This dream was scary and weird . But I enjoyed it quite a bit, I like having dreams AND nightmares for some reason haha. I can't wait to see what other dreams I have tomorrow.

    I also found that eating cheddar cheese may have increased the vividness in those dreams. It happened before and made my dreams vivid but the day after that I didn't dream because I woke up too early. I think I may carry out this test for the rest of the week . I eat about 3 small slices 30 minutes before I sleep, if you're wondering.

    Hope you enjoyed reading this .

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    1. dreamerJon23's Avatar
      strong dream
    2. paigeyemps's Avatar
      nice dream!

      Luna, I..


      dat blue

      -bites lip-

    3. Komisoft's Avatar
      I think for my next entries I'm using a shade darker xD