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    Side Notes

    1. Water Tree Spirit. June 5th 2012.

      by , 06-05-2012 at 01:40 PM (Dream Journal)

      So this morning I had a magical dream at last. I usually dream about school or non-magical dreams, but I felt this was one of the best I have had in a long time.

      I was in a field, similar to the one near a pond in my area. I was walking through it and saw a tree a couple of meters near the lake. I somehow got into a fight with this tree, I was determined to beat this tree for some odd reason. I was slicing the tree with an orange chainsaw, branch by branch, avoiding the attacks it made. The tree was gradually moving away from the water so I ran away from it and reached a small hill with a decent spot to hide in. I think I remember a fragment about a guy hiding in this particular spot. It was like a small crack in the hill, but wide enough for me to sit in. I then ran back to the tree and continued attacking the tree with the chainsaw. I then retreated back to the spot and watch the tree transform into a large stump. I was scared to go near the stump incase it attacked me. I then decided to go up and stab the tree with the chainsaw, but ran back for the third time. I watched it transform again, but this time into a floating tree. It was almost as if it was hanging from something. It was just under a meter from the ground and was longer than it was wide, but still smaller than the last two forms. I then saw the tree fall to the ground and transform a fourth time. It was similar to the stump, but had a red haired girl half in it. She was wearing green clothes and was not moving. For the last time, the tree transformed again, but back to the first form. There was a beautiful blue-haired girl half in it. She seemed alive and was welcoming me to talk to her. I walked over to her and noticed she had scaled clothes on. They were coloured with all sorts of nice colours, like cyan, light green and purple. She also had some of these colours in her hair to match her clothing. She looked like she could be a goddess or something. She made the tree disappear and I walked with her to the lake, where we sat down in the shallow water and observed the lake. I asked her if we should build a bridge across the lake. I said something like "Shall we build a bridge across there, then to the platform?". She replied with a nod. We then changed the topic and noticed a McDonalds appear on the left hand side. It was flooded from the lake and there were a few woman sweeping the water away. By this point, a guy had appeared left of me, but he was quiet and I didn't pay attention to him. We were discussing about working at this McDonalds, then the dream faded.

      I loved this dream, it had many wierd things happen in it. First it seemed like I had to tame the tree in order to talk to the water spirit. The water spirit seemed hard to get, but she eventually came to me. I sure hope she is my dream guide, so great to look at . I have always been interested in water anyway, so it'd be a bonus. The other weird thing that happened was when I went to the spot where some guy hid before. It seemed so familiar when I woke up. Maybe the guy by the lake was him? That'd be really wierd. I mentioned in my workbook that the blue haired lady (the water spirit) was someone that I wanted to know more about. So from now on, she remains 2 titles. The blue haired lady and the water spirit. I also think that the tree abducted her and the other red haired girl was the wood spirit or something. But either way, it was great to have met this woman.
    2. TinyChat with Raspberry. May 23rd 2012.

      by , 05-23-2012 at 09:38 PM (Dream Journal)

      This dream was very hard to recall ._. but I managed most of it! I also recalled a lot more fragments from other dreams too. They have a lot in common

      I was sarting at school again. The strongest dream sign for me . But this time I was in the woodwork classroom, on a laptop talking to Raspberry on TC. She turned out to be a girl I know in real life called Alysha. She does actually look like her though, so it's creepy. I was apparently flirting with her, but half way through a flirty paragraph I changed it because she had a boyfriend >.> I got off the laptop and walked in to her boyfriend a few times. But I was in another part of school. I then walked around school for a bit, and saw two dream characters fighting, then one stormed off in a rage. I got around to my area at school and there were LOADS of people coming out of an exam or going in. I then ran in to Alysha's boyfriend again and he said he felt bad. I said I would show him the conversation I had with his girlfriend because I felt sorry for him.

      I also had some fragments similar to this dream.

      Fragments: Sitting at McDonalds with the fighting dream character, I had a falses awakening, More school fragments and bumping in to the boy again.

      Pretty weird dream >.<