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    Talking to Lynn Thompson. September 9th 2012.

    by , 09-11-2012 at 08:35 PM (709 Views)

    This is one of them "OH I HAVE AN AWESOME ITEM!" -wake up- "Oh..." type of dreams.

    I was in school, lurking about in the corridors, with some friends. Can't quite remember who they were though. I was holding a really cool katana, with a red handle. The blade was slightly serrated, making it look even more awesome, it was really light and easy to handle too. I looked around and saw this guy run out from the corner of the corridor. He looked like he was a zombie or something. For some reason, I looked at him ready to attack, but put my sword away and said that he wasn't a zombie. He just stood there staring at the wall from this point on. I turned back around an walked into one of the classrooms, only to see Lynn Thompson from cold steel knives. It was cool how I had a sword on me at the time. He was sat behind a table full of cold steel weapons like axes, swords, knives, machetes. I showed him my weapon, he said nothing, I said nothing and I just turned away and spoke to myself. Nice one! I turned back around and noticed that Lynn was actually a DJ, playing death metal. Everyone on the dance floor was playing invisible instruments in time to the song. I believe the song was "The Absence - Wartorn". I then walked over to my family, seeing people at tables eating as if it was a restaurant and a metal club. I started playing an invisible guitar, making myself look like a complete dick. I guess it was okay because everyone (about 30 people) were doing it too. I went outside and started running around the building with my sword. It seemed like I was chasing a group of nuns D:. After running around a few times, I stopped at the entrance and inside was a restaurant, with people sat mainly outside. This old lady asked me to change her food order. It was a spicy dish, but she didn't want it spicy . I walked into the building and then the dream started to fade.

    It was very vivid but made no sense and was a bitch to recall.

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    Tags: family, sword