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    Tennis Courts. July 12th 2012.

    by , 07-14-2012 at 11:50 AM (515 Views)

    The final dream I had about the anime drawing.

    I started out in the school tennis courts, with lots of students playing a sport. After a coule of seconds playing, I pretended to fight with a friend, then notcied a group of about 25 people were crouding around the fence to the right. I looked over there but I couldn't see anything, so I decided to walk home. I teleported to the forest and sprinted through. I noticed 3 or 4 people blocking the way, but I ran straight past them. 2 of them laughed at me for no reason, so I stopped and asked them what was funny. I then carried on going, then got pissed off and spoke to them again. They finished laughing and I walked the rest of the way home. When I arrived inside my house, I showed my sister and parents my anime keyring. I said to them "Look what I drew today!" then the dream faded.

    Links to the first and second.


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