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    TinyChat with Raspberry. May 23rd 2012.

    by , 05-23-2012 at 09:38 PM (580 Views)

    This dream was very hard to recall ._. but I managed most of it! I also recalled a lot more fragments from other dreams too. They have a lot in common

    I was sarting at school again. The strongest dream sign for me . But this time I was in the woodwork classroom, on a laptop talking to Raspberry on TC. She turned out to be a girl I know in real life called Alysha. She does actually look like her though, so it's creepy. I was apparently flirting with her, but half way through a flirty paragraph I changed it because she had a boyfriend >.> I got off the laptop and walked in to her boyfriend a few times. But I was in another part of school. I then walked around school for a bit, and saw two dream characters fighting, then one stormed off in a rage. I got around to my area at school and there were LOADS of people coming out of an exam or going in. I then ran in to Alysha's boyfriend again and he said he felt bad. I said I would show him the conversation I had with his girlfriend because I felt sorry for him.

    I also had some fragments similar to this dream.

    Fragments: Sitting at McDonalds with the fighting dream character, I had a falses awakening, More school fragments and bumping in to the boy again.

    Pretty weird dream >.<
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