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    Pretty awesome zombie apocalypse dream!!!

    by , 10-20-2011 at 02:51 PM (733 Views)
    So this one I can actually remember the start of it. I was in a house or something with other survivors about to go sprint to a supermarket. I remember them wanting to wait for this car to come pick them up because they saw this note from their family that told them to wait two days for a car to come get them, but it had been about two days. So I remember now waking around this strip mall area with them, I was telling them that we should go find a gas station or somewhere that has food. But my friend Avery said no because there would be too many zombies there. So then I remember a mad dash to a supermarket. We got inside and I was really hungry at this point. So I told them and they said they would find food in a minute. I remember just walking around this store just looking for some food. I found a kit kat bar and quickly devoured it. I met up with everyone else and they said that we should leave soon. So when they were done talking I looked in front of me and found some drawstring backpacks and then I realized it was a gift bag. But I looked down and there were drawstring bags, I grabbed a few and tossed them to my fellow survivors. They said they were useless and threw them back. I was a big angered but I continued to stockpile whatever I could. I then remember this thing about death coming up behind me and telling me how long I had to live. It was weird and didn't really mean much. Anyways I remember one of the guys hearing this groan from behind the store. We though it was zombies so we all prepared to leave. I looked out and saw this green thing that looked like the grinch. I shouted that it was a zombie but it actually wasn't. I went out to it and it had the note on it that my friends read. So I came back in. I now remember running down the street away from zombies. I remember a guy with razor numchucks killing zombies. We continued to run and then I saw these kids like 18 yrs old with a chainsaw. I got pushed into their garage and they were all getting pumped up to kill zombies. They started beating me up and were possibly going to rape me but death came up behind me and told them to leave me alone. So I got out of the place but lost all my stuff in my bag and everyone was mad at me. We then came to a safe house where there was food.

    That's pretty much it

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