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    1. LD #38 and Eagle in Distress

      by , 05-08-2015 at 02:35 PM
      night of 5/7/15

      There is an arsonist who has been burning buildings and homes down in my area. I am working with a DC to identify him/her. We go to our "dream lab" to work on the problem. The lab is accessed by falling asleep and then in the dream going to our lab? While in the lab at work a man appears to us and asks if we know where a certain person is at. We tell the stranger the location of the person he is looking for and he promptly disappears. After he leaves we realize that he must be the arsonist as there is no other way that he could know about our lab and how to get there. We also realize we know where he will strike next as we just provided him with the information. We leave the lab and instantly appear outside of a house. It is nighttime. I call up to an open window and my nephew appears. The arsonist has not yet struck and I feel relief.

      I am in my living room, it is dark, the only light is ambient light coming from the streetlights outside. I instantly realize that I am dreaming. I say "I am dreaming, I am going to walk over to the door and go outside." I find it very difficult to move, as if I am in water or surrounded by gel or something. I struggle against this for a few seconds and the dream starts to fade. I wake up and mentally review the dream. As I fall back asleep I catch some beautiful psychedelic HI.

      I am being carried to a beach on the back of a co-worker. We pass an old blue car. My oldest friend is seated in the driver's seat. I call out to him and he gets out of the car and joins us in our walk to the beach. Next we are outside of a blue wooden building. We all have large, strangely designed shotguns with rotating magazines? My friend says "watch this" and shoots an electrical wire protruding from the building. It emits some sparks and leaves a hole. I turn to my right and see a kite tethered to the beach, blowing in the wind. A large eagle swoops down and becomes entangled in the kite string. It falls to the ground, wrapped tightly in the string. I immediately feel that I must help the large bird. I walk over and pick it up, cradling it in my arms. I walk down to the beach, looking clearly into the birds eyes. I dip it in the ocean, baptism style to clean it off. I exit the water and my friend cuts the string that has been binding the bird.
      lucid , memorable
    2. LD #37 Party Time!

      by , 05-05-2015 at 01:32 PM
      At a Bar/Halloween Monster Attack!
      I am at a bar with my father and wife. I get in line for drinks, and comment how amazing long the line is. My wife goes off to mingle, and repeatedly brings me drinks, despite the fact that I am waiting in line for drinks. I warn her that I will be drunk if she brings me many more, and jokingly act intoxicated. This makes the woman in front of me laugh and we start talking, she is a very attractive brunette with shoulder length hair and green eyes, mid 30's by appearance. She asks me "What do you do?" I explain my job to her and ask her what she does. She tells me about some outdoor adventure camp she works at. My wife comes back and we all leave the bar, but now my father has become a generic dude and the woman just kind of vanishes. We step outside into the parking lot, it is nighttime and there are various people in what appear to be halloween costumes walking around. I see our truck, it is a white silverado, and we start to walk towards it, the generic dude with us gets in first. I look off to the right and see a guy jokingly lay down on what appears to be a prop grave. He says "hey, look at this!" and laughs to his friends. Zombie like hands pop out of the piled dirt and start to drag him down, he screams and I realize all of the monsters wandering around are real! I open the door to the truck and in the driver seat is an ugly woman, she has eaten the generic dude and all that remains is a purple bag of goo. I yell at her and push her out of the truck and slide over into the driver's seat. I lean out of the door and yell to my wife "get the fuck into the car....now!!! we have to get out of here!!"

      LD #37 Party Time!

      I am at a party, and walking into the kitchen I pass a man leaning against the doorway, I pass him and turn around, and instantly know I am dreaming. I say aloud "I am dreaming, this is a dream!" I walk out into the other room and see a young man standing in the middle of the room, I narrate "I am going to slap his face." My narration comes out a beautiful, perfect pitch falsetto singing. I approach the man and slap his face 3 times, he just stares at me blankly. I look around the room and marvel at the perfect, crisp detail. I look at some beautifully carved chairs, there is a full set of 4 around a dark wood table. I think how amazing and realistic they look. I remember "this is a perfect rendition of my aunt's living room" (this is a false memory, although there is some resemblance) I turn around and continue to sing "I am going to walk through this wall and appear in another place!" I confidently push through the wall on my right and cleanly pass right through. I appear in a galley kitchen. The floor is white tile and the ceiling is low and there are fluorescent lights in the middle of the ceiling. The walls are light blue with white trim near the floor. I walk through this room and into another living room type area. I decide I am going to take a psychedelic substance (Harvard dream researcher Alan Hobson mentions this in his book and I thought it interesting) I find a candy dish and intend it to be psychedelic candy. I pick up a piece, knocking several on the floor in the process. The candy is white and red peppermint. I unwrap it and it turns blue in my hands. I put it in my mouth and swallow it, no taste. I walk around singing "the visuals will start soon, I have taken psychedelic candy", again in a beautiful, perfect voice. I walk out into another room and marvel at the perfectly detailed rock wall, thinking again "this is so vivid and realistic!!" I look and see a group of guys sitting and playing cards at a round white table. I decide that I will roundhouse kick the man nearest me. He is wearing all black, with a black "mugger hat", and impossibly dark stubble on this face. As I get ready to kick him he stands up and walks away. I notice the environment has faded and is "shaky" I start to rub my hands together, but the dream fades and I wake up.

      This was my longest and most vivid LD yet, surprising in light of my recent slump.
    3. Lucid #32

      by , 03-13-2015 at 02:06 PM
      TOTM report

      I become lucid in total darkness. I say "more light!" but the darkness remains. I try this several times, but it makes no discernible difference. I try to "remove the dark glasses" that are preventing me from seeing. I can feel myself scratching at my eyes, but no visual elements appear. I think about the sun coming up and at first this makes no difference, but gradually I see shrubbery forming in a grey/black mist. Trees start to form. I am in the air above a wooded landscape. I fly around, looking down at all the trees below me. I decide I will fly to my childhood home, "the farm." It appears below me to my right. I see the swimming pool pump house and remember the basic TOTM is to enter a house. I swoop down and pass through the roof of the pump house as if it were not there. I am standing on the floor of the room, i see pipes and tubing, just as it really looked in my youth, if a bit larger than real life. There are some strange cylindrical objects on the floor. I pick one up, it is black and has a WWII "Flying Tiger" face painted on it. There are some strange indentations on the sides that give the appearance of arms. I loose lucidity and the dream fades.

      This dream was strange as it was in the 4th hour of sleep. It was not very clear/vivid. I had no memory or thought to access memory of waking life. I had difficulty thinking clearly. Lucidity lasted perhaps 2 minutes. The flying around before arriving at the house continued for a bit.
    4. Lucid #31

      by , 03-04-2015 at 05:05 PM
      I am outside in a nice wooded area, there is a large clearing with a nursing home? in the distance. I am talking to my oldest friend. We are discussing going to the Grateful Dead reunion shows this summer in Chicago. I am unhappy because I didn't get tickets. I tell him I think that I can get tickets but then will have a transportation and accommodations problem. He tells me that he has done this before, he just caught a plane to Chicago and then took a taxi to the shows and back. I say "You seriously just took a taxi from the airport to Soldier Field and back, even after the show with traffic??" "YES!" he replies, "It was easy!" I find this difficult to believe.
      The conversation topic changes to something about dogs. At that moment my brother comes up on the sidewalk to our right, he is walking a dog. We greet him and he walks on by, without stopping to talk. I find this a bit strange and mention it to my friend.
      Next I am driving in a car away from the place where I was talking to my friend. I am driving a beat up blue Astro van. I am driving on a wooded road up a rather steep hill. The trees around me are all without leaves. The road turns around a corner and there is a fork, with the turn to the right leading downward, and the turn to the left leading up another hill. I take the left turn and go up the hill, a drive along the wooded road continues.
      I go up and around a corner and the road turns sharply down. I am worried that if I follow the road I will be unable to get the old van back up the hill. I go down anyways. I can see that there are piles of logs blocking the road in several places. I go around or pass through them. At the bottom of the hill I can see a fence and what appears to be a neighborhood beyond it. I make it down to the bottom of the hill. Next I am outside of the van looking at the fence.
      I turn around and the van is gone, there is a dilapidated but once beautiful house situated in the middle of the road. I decide it must be park headquarters, but it is obviously abandoned. I decide i will enter, thinking to myself "It will probably be pretty scary inside." I walk up onto the porch and notice there is a light on inside through one of the windows. I enter the house. I immediately realize that I am dreaming. Upon realizing this, I float up to the ceiling. The interior of the house is in good repair. The walls are white and there is very beautiful dark woodwork all around. I can see down the hallway I am in, there are several rooms branching off on both sides. There are tables with papers and boxes on them pushed up against the walls. I think that I should remain calm. The hallway starts to blur. I clap my hands twice and everything becomes vivid and very clearly defined. I rub my hands together. I try to think about what I should do, but I have difficulty thinking of what to do next. I decide I will explore the house by entering the room on my right. The dream starts to fade and I wake up.
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    5. Galantamine #5

      by , 02-28-2015 at 01:56 PM
      I went to sleep at 10:40 and woke up a 4:00. I took 8mg galantamine and .75mg melatonin dissolved in water. I used this mixture to wash down 500mg choline bitartrate. I went back to bed, laid on my back and put my attention on my breath for about 15 minutes. I then rolled over onto my right side and slowly counted myself to sleep.. "1...i'm dreaming......2....i'm dreaming." I let this go after getting to about 25 and fell asleep.

      1.I am in my paternal grandmothers kitchen. I am looking out of a window at a hummingbird feeder. There is a little ruby-throated hummingbird zooming around drinking from the little plastic flowers. I admire him for a little while. I turn and look around the kitchen, noting that it is my grandmother's. I look back out the window and the hummingbird is back. I reach up to the window for some reason and notice that my hand has only 4 fingers (including thumb). I check again and realize I am dreaming. I do a nose-pinch to confirm and it fails, I am certainly dreaming. The dream promptly fades.

      2.Next I am standing in a blue tiled room. I am in front of a folding table at which a colleague is seated. I am telling her about the hummingbird dream I just had. I explain to her I realized i was dreaming when I noticed that my hand had only 3 fingers and a thumb. I hold up my hand to show her and it is again short fingers, this time I have 2 fingers and a thumb. I realize I am dreaming. I immediately thank her for all her hard work at our job. I turn and look around the room and see a man standing on the other side of the room. i instruct my colleague and the man "please observe this!" I walk up to the wall and push my hand cleanly through the blue ceramic tile. I fell no sensation, my hand just disappears up to the wrist as I push against the wall. I look at the two dcs and they have no reaction. I decide to go talk to the man and the space between us instantly closes. I am immediately standing right next to him. His face changes slowly into that of a woman. The dream fades.

      I am completely in the dark, but I know that I am dreaming. I do a nose pinch test and confirm this. I rub my hands together and pat my body down to reinforce the embodied feeling, hoping for some visuals. I remember that I can take off the dark glasses, so i reach up to do so, but when I do this my real body's hand comes up and touches my forehead. I wake up.

      3. I am sitting in a parked car with my wife. It is early morning or nighttime. we are in a parking lot near a rural intersection. There is a cornfield across the street. A car zooms past us on the road and fails to make a turn at the intersection. It speeds through the cornfield and plunges into a forest. I ask my wife if she saw it, and she replies 'yes that was crazy." I do a nose pinch and realize I am dreaming....details omitted.

      Although Galantamine obviously works I am unsure how I feel about this method. It is somehow not as satisfying for me to get lucid in this manner when I compare it to non supplement induced LDs. I plan on giving it 5 more attempts (that will be 10 total) to see collect enough experience to enable me to reach an informed conclusion.

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    6. Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso & Bum Stealing My Bike

      by , 02-27-2015 at 01:24 AM
      1. I am at teachings that are being given by Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche. I am in line with my wife waiting to enter the room that the teachings will be held in. I am very excited. I tell my wife that Khenpo is a really amazing lama. "I know" she says, "you keep telling me!" She seems annoyed with me. Later I am walking around the building that the teachings were given in. It appears to be alot like my high school, with metal panel walls. and windows every so often that break up the panels. I am looking for Khenpo's room so that I can ask him a question. I find his room, there are many attendants in the room, but they all look like hospital staff. There is a hospital bed in the room along with many medical monitoring devices such as IV drip lines.
      Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche:
      Where is everyone from?-2817532153_6b40863c6b.jpg

      2. I am riding my bike across town at night. I am in an area of a town where there are many old warehouses and abandoned factories. I notice some "gutter punks" off in a field in front of an old warehouse. I cross some railroad tracks. I turn left in front of an old warehouse building. I am now in a large fenced in area in front of the warehouse. I notice a bum/gutter punk guy approaching me from the warehouse. I get nervous and speed up, but reach a point where i am stuck between the approaching bum and the fence. The bum catches up with me and I greet him nicely. I get a close up view of his face. His face is narrow, almost un-naturally, his skin is dark and sallow. He is wearing a mugger hat and his hair is poking out from underneath it. He tells me to give him my bike. "Come on man!, you aren't really going to take my bike!" I tell him. He insists and threatens to stab me if I do not comply. I give him the bike. He then asks me for my car keys. I tell him he took my bike and that should be enough. He insists on me giving him my keys. I tell him he is welcome to have them, but my car is back at my house and he does not know where that is. He seems satisfied with my answer. He rides off on my bike and I run ahead and cut through a building to get ahead of him. I end up standing on a little pile of dirt as he approaches. I kick him in the face and he falls off the bike. I jump down off the pile of dirt and bash his head a couple of times with a rock. I am worried that I seriously hurt him, but realize i just knocked him out. I take my bike back and ride off. I am then in a car with wife telling her that my bike got stolen. She seems disappointed as I must not have taken some of her advice to lock it up or something. Next I tell her how I retrieved the bike and she seems a bit relieved.
    7. EPIC birthday dream (its not my birthday)

      by , 02-15-2015 at 05:19 PM
      the following dream was non-lucid. However, it was very long and incredibly vivid. Lots of missed lucidity cues.

      It's my birthday. I am outdoors laying in some grass, looking up into a nice blue sky. My oldest daughter is running around the yard "chasing blue jays." Someone arrives for the party. I go inside and it is a woman, a friend of my wife's. She arrived in a purple 1980s Volvo station wagon without a hood. They talk for awhile then two guys arrive and set up stereo equipment and amplifiers. The both have bass guitars and are going to play bass solos for the party. I'm not really excited about this. The guy on the left is plugged into a stereo. He complains that "his wifi won't work." And hands his phone to someone else.
      A few more people arrive then we go to another location. On the way we have to stop and get some guy from Gar Drolma. We continue on at a Chinese/Indian restaurant where I am assuming the party is over. I look out a window and see a big silver Range Rover pull up. Ani Palmo ( western Buddhist nun/teacher) gets out. I am concerned because the party is really over and she arrived at the last minute. She comes in, her hair is now shoulder length, platinum blonde, she is wearing makeup. Weird I think. We hug and she doesn't want to let go, but it's just friendly so we end up re-hugging like 10 times. "Oh, we are going to do this i see." She says. Next she shows me a book that is a compendium of Bodhicharyaavatara materials, root text and several translated commentaries in a single volume. I look at it and can tell it's from Nanandabodhi. I tell her they have several of these huge sourcebooks, "one for Madhyamika, for example." Then I get in the food line. I get my arms all tangled?? With the arms of the woman behind me in line. She won't move back to let me get some of this dish I just passed up. "Ok, whatever." I say. Further down the line there is a dish that looks like rice with beef gravy on top. Gross. Next there is tis weird little Chinese man reaching into pots of hot noodle soup and pulling out bits of meat with his fingers. The heat lamp shines weirdly on his face. He reminds me of gollum and I think his behavior is gross.
      Dream shifts and we arrive at Gar Drolma for a teaching. I am outside and jump up on the wall, back, hands, and palms to the walk like a spider. I think it's weird and impossible, but the way the wall feels under my hands reassures me it's ok. I just never realized I could jump/climb like this. I climb down the wall and climb into a restroom window. I pee and exit via the door. Abi Palmo is sitting at a cafeteria style table. I say "Hey! You gave me a lucid dream last night!! I saw you in a dream and your hair was long and you had makeup on!"reference to earlier stages if THIS dream!) she looks at me quizzically and says nothing.
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Lucid #27 Ganantamine + Alpha GPC

      by , 02-14-2015 at 08:14 PM
      I went to bed at 11:00, and woke at 4:00. I took 8mg galantamine, 500mg choline bitartrate, 600mg Alpha GPC, and .5 mg melatonin. I tried the WILD instructions from "Advanced Lucid Dreaming, The Power of Supplements", but after awhile gave it up and set my intention to recognize the dream state and let myself fall asleep.

      honestly when I read that it seems ridiculous to take all those pills. I got lucd, but I have had lucids without supplements that were of higher quality. I also noticed a great intensification and increase in the vividness of my NLDs after taking the supplements. The melatonin made it very easy to fall asleep. I will experiment further, but am not terribly impressed. Total time lucid was about 1.5 minutes. Dream seemed sort of "washed out." I had an average level (for me) of lucidity, could not remember goals, could not remember to locate my sleeping body, etc. dream follows:

      I wake up and it's completely dark. I suspect I may be dreaming so I do a nose pinch state test. I am dreaming. I test again because it feels so cool. I can't see, and can barely move. I rub my hands together, pat down my arms and chest. I say "more clarity! More ️lucid awareness!" Several times, I feel increasingly alert, but it's still dark. I feel "in" the dream so with great effort I get out of bed, there is a strange and distinct "peeling" sensation as I stand up, like I am a Sticker being removed from its backing. I stretch out my hands and feel my way around the room. I bump into a wall with a distinct noise and sensation. It's still dark. I wake up again, in the same room but now it's daylight. It a generic bed and breakfast room. I get out of bed and walk over to look at a brocade-ish tapestry hanging on the wall. "This is what I bumped into last night" I think. I walk out of the room into a sort of dimly lit lobby area. It looks like a foyer in someone's home. There is a pair of French doors to my left. I realize again I am dreaming and walk over and push both my hands through the glass pane, past my elbows. They move through as though the glass were water. I push through further moving my head and shoulders through the glass to mid chest. Then I rotate my body so my chest faces the ceiling and my back is facing the floor. I think I am going to grave the pane above me and pull my legs through the glass. I see a short old man in the lobby. He has in a hat and leather jacket and looks like a mildly elderly Italian gangster. I immediately have a strong desire to karate chop him?? I instantly dis-entangle from the door contortion and cross the room to him, preparing to chop. He looks at me somewhat blankly. I realize what I am doing and stop. I look at him and say loudly " I love you man! I love you!!" His face lights up and he looks so happy, he starts laughing and I wake up

      I woke up and wrote it down, it was 6:05. i went back to sleep for a jumble of very very vivid fragments.

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    9. lucid #26

      by , 02-12-2015 at 02:48 PM
      I woke up a 4, struggled with recall, got nothing. I got up for about 5 minutes, did some state tests and set my intent to recognize my next dream. I went back to bed and practiced MILD. I tossed and turned for what seemed like a very long time. I checked my phone and the time was 4:58. I realized I still had an hour to sleep so I rolled over and tried to get to sleep. Almost immediately i felt the "sleep onset body buzz" and started to see some mild HI, mostly lights and simple patterns. The dream follows:

      i am at a run down strip mall. most of the storefronts are abandoned and on my left. there is an ice cream shop at the far end of the stores. i am on my bike riding slowly. i see a woman who i think i know (middle school girlfriend all grown up?) drive by as a passenger in a silver sedan. i keep riding and ahead i notice the silver car drive off, the woman is not in it. the driver is an overweight man with round glasses, wearing a faded red tshirt. i ride past the ice cream shop and see the woman seated at a little round cement table at the end of the row of stores. i ride past her and make a little left turn , headed up a concrete switchback ramp. The ramp looks like it would lead up to a second level of the strip mall. I see the first turn in the switchback and know that i am dreaming. "im dreaming, im dreaming." i say i decide to ride into the wall, everything gets bright and clear, very defined, i wake up.

      I rolled over and checked my phone, it was now 5:05. The interval between falling asleep and recognizing the dream was probably about 3 minutes! Unfortunately the dream was very short.

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    10. Memory: the Forgotten Fundamental

      by , 02-10-2015 at 04:13 PM
      This was a post by Sivason in a recent thread about memory and LD. I found it very clear and it opened a new perspective for me. great stuff!!!

      Quote Originally Posted by Travis E. View Post
      I think I'm learning something new today. But I reread this thread a few times and am still not 100% sure I'm clear on what is said, so just to be sure: In a LD, if I remember to try to remember, say, where my sleeping body is, I still get the benefit, even if I don't actually manage to recall for sure where it is, or I come to the wrong conclusion/have a false memory?

      But if doing this reengages the link to my memory, shouldn't I be able to recall this (in the cases where I don't)? Or is this “link” you speak of not the same thing as actually being able to flawlessly recall things, consciously, from WL during the dream?
      I will take a stab at simplifying this concept, although I may not say it exactly like Sageous would:

      If you become lucid, in that you know it is a dream, there is still a large portion of your mind that feels you are actually experiencing this stuff.

      In truth, this is 100% a virtual reality. Failing to honestly grasp the fact that it is 100% illusion seriously limits your control and ability to think rationally.

      A method of making yourself truly grasp that nothing about the dream comes from any source other than your own mind, is to grasp the reality that you are in fact sleeping.

      Simply saying "this is a dream" is not really enough. The act of remembering details about real life, such as the day or that you are asleep on the couch, removes most all belief that any part of this is real.

      To do something as advanced as remembering the location of your body, you will need to scan your waking memory.

      This act stimulates your rational mind, and enhances the ability to fully realize you are in a virtual reality, and therefore subject to no laws of physics.

      That is how I would summarize it. Sageous may have a point or two to add, but that is the general method.

      Quote Originally Posted by JustASimpleGuy View Post
      Just a thought, but has anyone ever tried to meditate in a LD?
      Sure, you can meditate if that is what you want to do. It is a very good way to pass the time in states like delta. I would hold off on it unless the dream is very stable, as you could drift into non-lucidity.

      Quote Originally Posted by Verre View Post
      A while ago I was trying some memory experiments along these lines. I had a hypothesis that it might be easier to remember past dreams while dreaming, but to my surprise that didn't work well at all. Memories of waking life were more reliable, but sometimes amusingly out-of-date like Sivason described earlier. I also noticed a remarkable degree of reluctance on the part of my dreaming mind to perform this task, like it didn't want to have to remember.

      However, the real stumbling block came whenever I tried to think about my sleeping body... and woke up. This happens every time. The minute I let my thoughts stray to the fact that my physical body is actually lying in bed, the dream dissolves and there I am lying in bed, even if I had no desire or intention to wake up. At this point when I'm dreaming I'm careful not to think about my sleeping body, because I've never found a way to do it without ending the dream.

      Any suggestions?

      1) I have often had memories of other dreams only while in a lucid dream. I do not know why, but it is something I have noticed.

      2) Try not to feel where your body is, it is possible, but risky. Instead keep it an intellectual scanning thing. It will work well enough to just ask if you are sleeping in your normal place (bed) or are you sleeping on your desk at school.

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    11. Goal update February 5 - March 5

      by , 02-05-2015 at 04:45 PM
      Recall: 35 dreams
      Lucid 5 times
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      side notes
    12. competition night 12?

      by , 02-05-2015 at 03:42 PM
      1.Riding in backseat with Wife. Rachel is driving. It's sunny prior to this wife had been out running errands now we are headed home. We have to stop the car at a tree in order to grab a branch and pull it into the car. The branch will give special properties to the car, of an unknown nature. I get out to get the branch and the tree is somewhat stripped. There is not a branch long enough for our needs. I pull one to try to bend it into the car, but no luck. wife says " hurry up I have to go soon" "Jesus Christ" I reply, "you have been gone all day" she says she is going to some bar by trader joes. I get back into the car and notice many curled up spiral shoes green inch worms in my legs. There is also a small translucent brown spider. I brush them all off and watch them squirm on the floor of the car.

      2. At work talking to an administrator with someone else. I refer to an earlier dream in this dream and say in a deep, crazily- reverbey voice " hey lackey, make me a fucking martini!" This is to satirize some character in the dream. The administrator is worried about how loudly I said this and peers into another room to see if anyone heard, but we are good. Someone drops a small object onto the floor, it rolls across the room and comes to rest near a wastebasket. I walk over and take a look, but cannot find it.

      3. I am at some dharma event in another city. It is the end of the teachings for the day . I am standing in some sort of grass quad area between 2-3 buildings. Several monks including one or two westerners come out of the left corner door at the junction of buildings. The buildings are laid out in a u shape. I see the monks then end up at the dharma center, looking for Khenpo Samdup to tell him about the teachings/ event. He is asleep and d1 wakes him up, he is laughing and mumbling. Also I am looking at a shelf of dharma books forgone that "is not just a bunch of meditation instructions" there are several shelves of books, one has a cover that is a very bright blue sky with wispy clouds.

      4. There is some sort of sleepover at the farm. I am staying in one of the back rooms. There are several couples staying in the rooms they are there for an event. I start off alone in a bed then some brunette woman gets in bed with me. After a bit she gets out and goes to another room. I get up and go walking through some of the rooms. Daughter 1 is in another back room with wife, daughter 1 gets wound up and runs into the different rooms, I am worried she will wake people. I look into one of the other rooms and see a couple laying in the bed, just sheets, no blanket. Dream shifts and now it is New Year's Eve and I am walking along a covered sidewalk with my brother and several others. We are going to my uncle Marty's bar? And realize that it is 11:58. We hear a countdown and begin to run to make it to the bar by 12. I do a crazy dive/roll across a street and land in my feet at the entrance to the bar. My uncle comes out with some beers, we nod at him but refuse and make it into the bar, just in time!

      a. Looking for a shirt to impress a lady with. There are various band shirts, including a white bad brains shirt. I self consciously choose one and have some trouble changing out of my current one.

      b. I am running across a large lawn, someone has just started to now so I am being mindful of them .

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    13. Goal Update

      by , 02-02-2015 at 05:36 PM
      goal was 45 dreams recalled and 5 lucids. Start date was 1/2, end date was 2/2.

      results: 31 dreams recalled
      3 lucid dreams

      I need to scale back my recall goal. Things were going really well at the outset of this tracking period, but really came off the rails for the last week or so. I think I have been too uptight and pushy with my practice. I will update goals in the next day or two.
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    14. competition day 4

      by , 01-28-2015 at 03:59 PM
      With ?? They have built a wooden model of the starship enterprise it is totally complete except the engine things on the back. We are discussing where to install the model airplane engines to allow it to fly. The person shows me a schematic drawing of the model. It indicates where the engine thingys are to be attached in a tab/slot fashion. In the end it is decided not to put engines on it as there is no good way to fit both the propeller engines and the starship engine thingys on the model.

      I am at some sort of factory in a heavily industrial area. I am just passing through the area. Nearby is a large drain pipe with gray water flowing from it, the water is about knee deep. Three people climb down a ladder from above into the drain. They step into the water and walk out of the drain. One has on a large diaper and is accompanied by a beagle. They are looking for something. The water flow slows to a trickle and I look up the drainpipe. It appears to be a metal conveyor belt. It occurs to me that I can walk up it into the factory and reach my destination easier. I ask someone and get permission. I walk up into the drain and then climb up s ladder into the factory. Inside behind me when I reach the top of the ladder is s large mechanical disc shaped area with a metal scaffolding structure around it. The disc obviously rotates when operating. There are little metal tentacles hanging around & the tips are covered with a bright green fluorescent liquid. I avoid them carefully. In front of me I step around some scaffolding atop the ladder into a round platform. There are some people working on this platform . Seated near the center is a shirtless man/alien/ogre. His head is oblong and he has two large eyes that are too far apart.

      #1: intense thick black smoke rising off in the distance, something is on fire.

      #2 I am younger and looking through some girls notebook, she has information about bands and musicians written in it, also my name is written on several pages.
    15. Competition day 2

      by , 01-26-2015 at 02:30 PM
      1. Zombie apocalypse underway. Military is leaving as they feel their job is done but many zombies remain. High atop some buildings someone who was asleep does not believe there are zombies angers a crowd of them and I shout "run!!!" I am on a patrol with two others. We walk past some prostitutes, they accost us and put their hands in our pockets, trying to steal our wallets. I point a rifle at one and we move on. A big burly body guard comes after us and racially insults one of my companions. We are going into a subway tunnel, there are soldiers by the entrance. I load my rifle, an m-14. Clearly cycling the action and removing the magazine. I ask army guy for 7.62x49 ammo, he says he gave his last few rounds away. I tell him I would like a .223 when military leaves, he describes it's virtues for zombie elimination .

      2.At the farm with some girl, just hanging out. Talking about staff at work. There is lots of photo equipment lying around. We just talk and eat some food. Think about swimming, but realize "the water will be cold." My uncle arrives with some other sales type guy. They are outside talking. I go to the kitchen sink and peek out the window. I see them talking. One has a purple car parked near where they talk. I go back and we clean up the equipment and mess from eating. Other family members start arriving to do some work on the pool/house.

      3. am at work (in a different building) mrs. x tells me supervisor was looking for me, I ask why she is telling me this, another staff member tells me "because he never knows where to find anyone!" I realize that earlier mrs x had asked me to get a candy bar, which I give her, then I walk away. I remember the wrapper, and return to give it to her, saying " this is yours too." Then there is a radio contest and wife wins a fanny pack from morning comedy DJ.

      fragment: Flying in a helicopter over woods at the farm. They have flooded with a dark brackish water. I see many alligators lurking in the water. I point out 2 large alligators in a spot near the old woodpile/firepit.
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