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    Competition day 2

    by , 01-26-2015 at 02:30 PM (261 Views)
    1. Zombie apocalypse underway. Military is leaving as they feel their job is done but many zombies remain. High atop some buildings someone who was asleep does not believe there are zombies angers a crowd of them and I shout "run!!!" I am on a patrol with two others. We walk past some prostitutes, they accost us and put their hands in our pockets, trying to steal our wallets. I point a rifle at one and we move on. A big burly body guard comes after us and racially insults one of my companions. We are going into a subway tunnel, there are soldiers by the entrance. I load my rifle, an m-14. Clearly cycling the action and removing the magazine. I ask army guy for 7.62x49 ammo, he says he gave his last few rounds away. I tell him I would like a .223 when military leaves, he describes it's virtues for zombie elimination .

    2.At the farm with some girl, just hanging out. Talking about staff at work. There is lots of photo equipment lying around. We just talk and eat some food. Think about swimming, but realize "the water will be cold." My uncle arrives with some other sales type guy. They are outside talking. I go to the kitchen sink and peek out the window. I see them talking. One has a purple car parked near where they talk. I go back and we clean up the equipment and mess from eating. Other family members start arriving to do some work on the pool/house.

    3. am at work (in a different building) mrs. x tells me supervisor was looking for me, I ask why she is telling me this, another staff member tells me "because he never knows where to find anyone!" I realize that earlier mrs x had asked me to get a candy bar, which I give her, then I walk away. I remember the wrapper, and return to give it to her, saying " this is yours too." Then there is a radio contest and wife wins a fanny pack from morning comedy DJ.

    fragment: Flying in a helicopter over woods at the farm. They have flooded with a dark brackish water. I see many alligators lurking in the water. I point out 2 large alligators in a spot near the old woodpile/firepit.

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