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    competition night 12?

    by , 02-05-2015 at 03:42 PM (282 Views)
    1.Riding in backseat with Wife. Rachel is driving. It's sunny prior to this wife had been out running errands now we are headed home. We have to stop the car at a tree in order to grab a branch and pull it into the car. The branch will give special properties to the car, of an unknown nature. I get out to get the branch and the tree is somewhat stripped. There is not a branch long enough for our needs. I pull one to try to bend it into the car, but no luck. wife says " hurry up I have to go soon" "Jesus Christ" I reply, "you have been gone all day" she says she is going to some bar by trader joes. I get back into the car and notice many curled up spiral shoes green inch worms in my legs. There is also a small translucent brown spider. I brush them all off and watch them squirm on the floor of the car.

    2. At work talking to an administrator with someone else. I refer to an earlier dream in this dream and say in a deep, crazily- reverbey voice " hey lackey, make me a fucking martini!" This is to satirize some character in the dream. The administrator is worried about how loudly I said this and peers into another room to see if anyone heard, but we are good. Someone drops a small object onto the floor, it rolls across the room and comes to rest near a wastebasket. I walk over and take a look, but cannot find it.

    3. I am at some dharma event in another city. It is the end of the teachings for the day . I am standing in some sort of grass quad area between 2-3 buildings. Several monks including one or two westerners come out of the left corner door at the junction of buildings. The buildings are laid out in a u shape. I see the monks then end up at the dharma center, looking for Khenpo Samdup to tell him about the teachings/ event. He is asleep and d1 wakes him up, he is laughing and mumbling. Also I am looking at a shelf of dharma books forgone that "is not just a bunch of meditation instructions" there are several shelves of books, one has a cover that is a very bright blue sky with wispy clouds.

    4. There is some sort of sleepover at the farm. I am staying in one of the back rooms. There are several couples staying in the rooms they are there for an event. I start off alone in a bed then some brunette woman gets in bed with me. After a bit she gets out and goes to another room. I get up and go walking through some of the rooms. Daughter 1 is in another back room with wife, daughter 1 gets wound up and runs into the different rooms, I am worried she will wake people. I look into one of the other rooms and see a couple laying in the bed, just sheets, no blanket. Dream shifts and now it is New Year's Eve and I am walking along a covered sidewalk with my brother and several others. We are going to my uncle Marty's bar? And realize that it is 11:58. We hear a countdown and begin to run to make it to the bar by 12. I do a crazy dive/roll across a street and land in my feet at the entrance to the bar. My uncle comes out with some beers, we nod at him but refuse and make it into the bar, just in time!

    a. Looking for a shirt to impress a lady with. There are various band shirts, including a white bad brains shirt. I self consciously choose one and have some trouble changing out of my current one.

    b. I am running across a large lawn, someone has just started to now so I am being mindful of them .

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