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    by , 12-05-2014 at 03:54 PM (236 Views)
    I have never had much luck with recognizing dreamsigns, even after noting them and consciously resolving to do so. Most of my few lucids seem to spontaneously arise or occur after some random thing triggers a suspicious state of mind. However, I thought that perhaps there might be some profit to putting the effort into writing down a list. Perhaps the extra effort involved in writing them down might trigger recognition in the dream state.

    The following are reliable dreamsigns, that is, barring extremely unlikely situations they would only appear in dreams, or would be impossible in waking life.

    _High school girlfriend
    _High school home (the farm)
    _Impossible skateboarding tricks
    _Extreme Acrobatics
    _Haunted house

    The following could appear either in the dream state or waking life.I try to to a state test whenever I encounter them. This has yet to transfer into the dream state.

    _Bodies of water (lakes, rivers and especially the ocean)
    _City streets
    _Tibetan Lamas

    May we all reliably recognize the dream state and use it to train in virtue!

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