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    Lucid #31

    by , 03-04-2015 at 05:05 PM (383 Views)
    I am outside in a nice wooded area, there is a large clearing with a nursing home? in the distance. I am talking to my oldest friend. We are discussing going to the Grateful Dead reunion shows this summer in Chicago. I am unhappy because I didn't get tickets. I tell him I think that I can get tickets but then will have a transportation and accommodations problem. He tells me that he has done this before, he just caught a plane to Chicago and then took a taxi to the shows and back. I say "You seriously just took a taxi from the airport to Soldier Field and back, even after the show with traffic??" "YES!" he replies, "It was easy!" I find this difficult to believe.
    The conversation topic changes to something about dogs. At that moment my brother comes up on the sidewalk to our right, he is walking a dog. We greet him and he walks on by, without stopping to talk. I find this a bit strange and mention it to my friend.
    Next I am driving in a car away from the place where I was talking to my friend. I am driving a beat up blue Astro van. I am driving on a wooded road up a rather steep hill. The trees around me are all without leaves. The road turns around a corner and there is a fork, with the turn to the right leading downward, and the turn to the left leading up another hill. I take the left turn and go up the hill, a drive along the wooded road continues.
    I go up and around a corner and the road turns sharply down. I am worried that if I follow the road I will be unable to get the old van back up the hill. I go down anyways. I can see that there are piles of logs blocking the road in several places. I go around or pass through them. At the bottom of the hill I can see a fence and what appears to be a neighborhood beyond it. I make it down to the bottom of the hill. Next I am outside of the van looking at the fence.
    I turn around and the van is gone, there is a dilapidated but once beautiful house situated in the middle of the road. I decide it must be park headquarters, but it is obviously abandoned. I decide i will enter, thinking to myself "It will probably be pretty scary inside." I walk up onto the porch and notice there is a light on inside through one of the windows. I enter the house. I immediately realize that I am dreaming. Upon realizing this, I float up to the ceiling. The interior of the house is in good repair. The walls are white and there is very beautiful dark woodwork all around. I can see down the hallway I am in, there are several rooms branching off on both sides. There are tables with papers and boxes on them pushed up against the walls. I think that I should remain calm. The hallway starts to blur. I clap my hands twice and everything becomes vivid and very clearly defined. I rub my hands together. I try to think about what I should do, but I have difficulty thinking of what to do next. I decide I will explore the house by entering the room on my right. The dream starts to fade and I wake up.

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