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    1. "1st Dream High Ever"

      by , 02-05-2014 at 09:47 PM
      I was at this theme park that i could not recognize. There was a roller coasters from what i could see. I went into this restaurant. It had walls made of metal. I thought that was unusual . I sat down on an arcade game. It had a key board with a chair that reminded me of a racing game. It also had two controls for each arm that looked like part of an aviation game. The game was so realistic I thought I was in the game. The environment seemed like a jungle in the night. There was a militia with tanks and they were prepared for something. I was running with a huge line of people out of the trees into this field with giant puddles of black murky water. These hog like creatures were chasing us and making people fall on the ground. I don't know why. At first I thought they were the reason we were running. Then all of a sudden i heard a loud roar and it was this dinosaur like creature with weapons attached to it. I remember once I seen him the shock put my consciousness back into the arcade game chair I was sitting in all along. I could see all the controls I was pressing. I forgot what the keyboard was for but it helped. The aviation controls were used to shoot missiles and fire guns. I think i was controlling other people too. Some of the militia had (avatar) type mechs. I lost in the game and it was over. I looked at the name of the arcade game and it said Godzilla. I was confused though because i had never seen any Godzilla game like that in my life. I looked to my side and seen one of my close friends on one of these arcade game chairs to the left of me. He was at the far left. There was three of these chairs in a row. Then i see my Grandpa, two uncles and mom's bf walk in. One of my uncles sat in the last game chair that wasn't occupied. My Grandpa stood on the right of me and he started talking to me. While he was talking to me, my uncle on the left pulled out some weed without letting my Grandpa notice and he asked me quietly if i wanted to smoke. I said yeah. I interrupted my Grandpa and told him to sit down at table and wait for us to be done with the game. I knew he would say okay because he is very old and would rather sit than stand. As soon as he left My uncle took a hit out a small bowl. There was a little bit of smoke that was visible and as soon as i thought that, my other uncle appeared on my right side where was my grandpa was standing and said "oh you guys are smoking I have some too, i just don't have anything to smoke out of " when I looked at my uncle I seen my mom's bf standing behind him. He asked my mom's bf if he wanted to smoke. He told him i got the wrap and ill roll it. For some reason my uncle asked me if it was worth it. I just said yeah. The two of them sat down on a table that was next to the arcade game on the right side to roll it. After that my uncle that was sitting next to me gave me the little pipe and a white lighter. I looked around to make sure no one was looking. Everyone was just at their tables eating comfortably. A little boy fell on the floor and started rolling around next to me and that made me paranoid. Then a worker came out of the staff room that was in the middle of the games and the table that my other uncle and mom's bf were at. The coast was clear after that and I remember taking a hit of the weed. It must have been top shelf or something because I had an instant effect. I made sure not to let any smoke out. Nobody noticed what we were doing. I gave the pipe back to my uncle and because of the weed i forgot if I was giving him the right lighter back. I checked in my pockets and found a blue bic lighter that was bigger. I asked him wait which lighter is mine and which one is yours? He made a face like he knew which one was his but he just stood quiet and waited for me to make a decision. I ended giving him my blue one. I just said " I don't know which one is yours I'm really high." After i gave it to him i had a feeling i gave him the wrong one but i didn't say anything. it just reassured me that my uncle would steal from me. I looked back at my game screen and noticed that the game had changed by itself. I was shocked. Then it changed to street fighter vs. Capcom. The screen had venom v.s someone else. I wanted to play it but i was so high I just looked at it in amazement. Then everything started fading and I woke up.

      I do not advise anyone to smoke marijuana in real life. I just had to share this dream because I was going to start writing my dreams on this website today anyways.
      I also took 3mg of melatonin last night before i went to sleep. That is most likely why I remember this dream so vividly.