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    From the Drowsy Mind of a Mouse

    My Love, My China, My School, My Anüki

    by , 01-26-2011 at 06:06 AM (784 Views)
    "If you had a million Shakespeares, could they write like a monkey?"
    Stephen Wright

    This journal is late. So are the next few I'll be making. I've been busy.

    First of all, start playing this. This was the tune in my dream.

    Yeah, I was in China! My girlfriend and I were on a big tall tower, with crossed pieces of wood. It was like this:

    only much, much higher. I estimated about 200, 300 feet high. It was high. A stereotypical little Chinese house was on top.
    I was up there with my lovely girlfriend, and there was a porch-like area above the ground, and a cannon on it. I peered in the cannon, unsure of its purpose. When I pulled my head away, it shot out a little cube on a stick. The stick was about a foot long, the cube the volume of one segment of my thumb. As it fell, a parachute came out and it wafted to the ground below.
    "What was that?" I asked.
    She giggled and bumped me. I lost balance for a moment, and when I became sturdy, I noted that there were no railings on the tower. I almost fell.
    "Hey, Tanya [name changed], be careful! I don't want to fall!"

    Time skip.

    I was in school. Tanya was late to her math class (the room we were going to was my science room during my freshman year of high school, and the teacher was her present Health teacher. I brought her there, and I also put a note on the door for the teacher. He had been bothered lately by kids skipping class and going to see him, so the note said: "I know you're important and stuff, but don't interrupt my goddamn class!"
    He laughed and told me that it was an excellent note.

    Time skip.

    I was checking my Facebook page at home, and everyone was messaging me about how the note was awesome. Some kid I didn't know posted, "Awesome note. Give me your student ID and next bonfire [an annual school event], you'll have alcohol privileges! Oh wait, you're underage..."
    It's true. I am.

    Time skip.

    I was back in China, on that same tower with Tanya. I looked over the edge. It was a long way down. Tanya bumped me again and grabbed me with a hug.
    "Really," I began, "don't do that-" but I was cut off as I fell over the edge.
    Time was not in slow motion, but the falling was. The feeling of weightlessness was euphoric. Down, down I went, but I panicked not and I worried not. A minor inconvenience, yes, but I knew this falling wouldn't kill me. I just kept falling down. I was light as air. I spun as I descended to the Earth and I saw the plaza below me. There were little red shops on the street corners and many happy people meandering about. It was so peaceful, and I felt removed from the world as I got closer to the ground.
    At last, we landed with a thud.
    I wasn't hurt, just really sore from the fall. "You ok?" Tanya asked.
    "Yeah, I'm fine," I replied.
    "Ok," and she got up and walked away.
    I remained on the ground. I was pretty sore. I finally stood up, but Tanya was long gone. I looked around, and there was the Anüki (pronounced "An'OO'key). The Anüki was a white monkey, about three feet tall. There is an image below, drawn by me.
    The Anüki looked at me with a stern glare, and then silently walked over and gave me a big, warm, soft hug. It was a powerful hug, with the ever-necessary pat on the back as well.
    This thing is so darn awesome. When I LD, I'm going to make sure he is in my dream again. I like the Anüki.

    Yeah, this angry thing gave me a hug. It smelled nice, too, and it looked clean. Just an overall nice fellow.

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