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    Yay! Lucid!

    by , 06-15-2011 at 01:52 PM (588 Views)
    So after about 2 years without lucid dreaming I took a nap today and had 1 big or 3 smaller ones.
    First one was that I realized I was dreaming and I tried a breathe through closed nose RC and it worked but I am pretty uncertain about that RC cause I always make a wrong conclusion in my dreams. So I did a finger through palm RC and this one worked like a charm (although I had a small feeling of pain while the finger was going through my palm).
    I know I jumped out of the window to fly but that didn't quite work.
    I think I lost the dream at that moment, but what happened was that I had a false awakening! I never figure out when I have a false awaking but this time I did a RC and it worked. I did this time feel excitement for being insinde a LD and could fly no problem. So I just flew around and had another false awakening. Did another finger through palm RC and again jumped out of the window and had lots of control over my flying I had lots of control over everything.
    I decided I would find my sub-conscience and I flew around till I came to a building which looked like a hotel. I was pretty sure that I was at the right place but I couldn't find my sub-conscience. I came into a room and there were people who were cleaning it so I asked them how can I find my sub-conscience and they wouldn't tell me. One cleaning guy said he would tell me if I gave them 5 bottles of wine. I pulled out 5 bottles of wine they wanted from my backpack thanks to great control I had. They told me there is a list in the kitchen but at that moment I woke up for real. Too bad for that but now maybe I try harder to attain lucidity and keep a DJ.

    Great afternoon nap for me. All I did was say that I will become lucid while I was falling a sleep. I guess I really wanted it.

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    1. angie746's Avatar
      well done Kramari..keep up the good work, really chuffed for you