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    Eating Raw Seafood, and Playing Pokemon With an Unwelcomed Presence

    by , 01-09-2013 at 07:31 AM (381 Views)

    I worked at Subway and the coffee shop I used to work at. I’ve had that dream theme before. I remember closing up Subway at night, and the back was very dark and eerie (a common occurrence in these dreams as well). And we were wading through water full of raw shrimp and lobster. We’d crack them open and eat them…raw. This happened more than once.

    I also remember feeling anxious about my schedule, thinking I had missed work at one of the jobs.


    I was playing a Pokemon game in my brother’s room with Jason. It was nighttime. As usual in these dreams, I didn’t know how he got there, who let him in, or whatever, but he was there. And he was kicking my ass at the game. I would KO him, I remember specifically using some crazy powered-up attack and killing him (he barely had any health left), but his Pokemon had some special move that revived him. It was a Squirtle-like Pokemon, and he used some move that had to do with his shell, and it brought him back up to full health. I had really crappy Pokemon for the most part, so he really had the upper hand. I kept on commenting on this. He really didn’t have a whole lot to say.

    I also remember him talking to my brother a little bit, and me wondering why in the world my brother was even tolerating his presence, knowing what he did to me.

    The whole time, I noticed the feeling I got when he was around: Nervous and excited. I figured it was coming from him. I just wanted him out. I wanted him to leave my house, but I couldn’t say it. I don’t know why.

    Then, the game turned into some cut scene that was like an anime show. As we watched (I was sitting on Blake’s old bunk bed on the bottom bunk and the TV was on the opposite side of the room from where it usually is), I took the opportunity for us to go in my room. Inside were Sara, Caitlin, and Nick B., the first guy I ever kissed. Sara and Caitlin were at my computer. I introduced them to Jason. Sara said
    “Who is he, your boyfriend?”
    And I said
    “No, it’s just…Jason. This is Jason.”
    I hesitated, because I wasn’t sure what to call him. I debated saying “friend”, but he isn’t my friend. So I just said his name. Jason repeated me and said “Jason” as he shook Caitlin’s hand.

    I kicked everyone out of my room and house because I was ready to go to bed, and ready to get Jason the hell out of my house.


    I then went on to dream of Jason and his family. We were now inside what appeared to be the Pokemon game. Jason’s family was sitting by a tree at night with their backs to him. I heard something about him having hurt his family in the past.
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