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    The House of Berevity (Lucid)

    by , 10-29-2014 at 01:56 PM (548 Views)
    Dream - Lucid

    I was at work, and a man with black hair and a foreign accent came up and asked me where just plain loaves of bread were. I went to go point out the ones against the wall, but...they weren't there. I got very disoriented, not sure where I was anymore. I then told him aisle 13 had other bread on it. He said it didn't. I said that it did and walked a little ways to see if I could see aisle 13, but...it wasn't there either. It looked more like I was in a mall than the bakery. He went towards the area aisle 13 was supposed to be.

    I thought for a minute...I was really confused. I then realized I was dreaming. Doh. Makes sense now. The dream around me started to change; I could see another scene peeking through the top right corner of my vision. I then was somewhere completely different. I was outside a large castle that had a forest around it. I was then inside said castle. The stone was blue steel colored. It wasn't smooth, but it was natural looking stone. I was standing by a spiral staircase that went upwards.

    In front of me, there was then a man, a big, older man wearing a suit. He told me I was in "The House of Berevity" (he may have meant 'brevity', but he pronounced it 'berevity', I'm not entirely sure). He then was telling me why I was there, and I can't remember what he said, because a question popped up in my head that I wanted to ask. I then asked
    "How old am I?"
    He seemed a little irritated that I interrupted him, but answered anyway, saying something about 'young', but that's the only word I caught, so I interrupted again and asked
    "No, like how old am I?", referring to my soul, not my body, though I didn't specify.
    he answered,
    "Eight billion, seven hundred trillion."
    I liked that answer.

    I wish I could recall more of the conversation. There was a reason I was there, but I can't recall what he told me. I feel as if we were walking up the staircase as we talked, or if not, we somehow ended up in the middle of it by the time our conversation was ending.

    We were then about to part ways. He started to go up the stairs even more, when I asked him
    "Wait! How do I forgive myself?"
    He turned back around and looked at me, smiled a genuine smile, and said
    "You already have!"
    I laughed out loud to express my joy. I was so happy to hear that!

    I then woke up briefly, didn't move and went back into a dream. It stayed in blackness for awhile while someone was talking me through it so I wouldn't wake myself prematurely. I then started to have images forming around me, then the dream. I was good now. I started to walk around, feeling something that was there so I could stabalize the dream. I then noticed that I was in a field. It was daytime. I started to walk towards a patch of different colored African violets. There were some black ones, some yellow ones, and I believe some purple ones. I was afraid of being stung by bees at first, but then remembered that it was a dream, and I would be fine. I walked through them, feeling them brush against me, completely unharmed; no bees in sights. I kept walking through the field of flowers and started to weep because it was so beautiful.

    I woke up briefly again, feeling as if I really had been crying, but again didn't move and went back into a dream.

    This time, I was standing on the edge of a very high cliff. It was daytime and so vivid. Below me was nothing but clouds. I could tell there was a very high wind. To my right, poking through the clouds was a building with columns. Out from the building, there were hundreds of balloons flying out. There were huge patches of them, and then only a few at a time would come out. They were all red, orange, yellow, and black. I decided to try flying into this. I stood at the edge of the cliff, scared at first, but reminded myself that, again, this was a dream, and even if I fell quickly and to my "death", I'd be fine. I put my arms out and let myself fall off the edge. I fell for a bit, but the wind caught me, and I flew.


    Sorry I haven't been around much. I have other things that I am currently focusing on, and need a break from concentrating on and writing out all my dreams. I have actually had some vivid NLDs lately. I also dreamed more last night, but did not want to type out all the NLDs. This one was a must share. I'll be on occasionally still if I have dreams that are interesting like these were (it will probably mostly be LDs when I have them that I will update with).
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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      Well, I hope to see you come around agian soon. . Everyone needs a break from lucid dreaming once in awhile.

      Great lucid dream by the way.
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    2. Oddium's Avatar
      I kept walking through the field of flowers and started to weep because it was so beautiful.
      The scenery in your lucid's all sounded amazing. I've had the experience of being moved to tears and the next day it's like you're on a natural high. After lucids like this, my inspiration level goes through the roof and I go all tryhard xD.
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