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    Lucidity on a Star Wars Planet, VIP Party, and Trying to Fly

    by , 11-22-2011 at 05:38 PM (441 Views)

    I was with some people from work. I remember for sure that Bart was there, and so was this guy that works next door at the Music and Arts Center. We were getting ready to go to some water park party thing that was only supposed to be for celebrities. The guy from Music and Arts was supposed to be serving there or something.

    We get into the party and walk around. The park is huge. It was evening. I don’t remember any specific celebs being there, but there were some people there. It wasn’t super crowded.

    As we walked, I remember seeing a tiki hut like structure that we walked under. I also remember approaching and talking to Music and Arts guy as he was working. He was only wearing swimming trunks. I want to say they were red. I remember feeling happy and a little nervous to talk to him, since he's kinda cute.

    We then were about to enter a part of the park where we couldn’t wear clothes, just bathing suits. Bart, some others that I can’t remember, and I found a place where people had set all their personal items and clothing. They were all just sitting on the ground next to beams supporting some structure. I started to take my clothes off, and noticed I was wearing an
    extremely skimpy bikini, which was white with red lining the edges with a red flower on one of the breasts.


    I was seeing an overview what looked like the world where Obi Wan fought Darth Vader in Episode III of Star Wars, though it looked more colorful. I knew they were supposed to battle soon.

    I was then by a building standing on some rock. Jason was with me. It looked like dusk on the planet we were on. There were these machines lifting hot metal beams out of the molten metal covering most of the planet, which was sectioned out into different colors. The colors were darker hues of purple, red, blue, and I think green, though I can’t remember the green for certain. There were small metal platforms where the machines would place the hot metal beams. Jason was standing very close to one, and a machine started to quickly move a metal beam towards it. I told him to watch out, and he ran right before it hit him. That happened again and grazed his head, but nothing more.

    Then, as a big metal box frame was being pulled out, I realized I was dreaming. As I realized this, I knew nothing could hurt either of us. I ran up to Jason, smiling, and wanted to badly to tell him we were dreaming, but for some reason, the words wouldn’t come out. It was like there was some mental block. I had my arms around his neck.

    I then saw some other people, a group of 3 or 4, though I can’t remember who they were specifically. I wanted to tell them it was a dream too, but the same thing happened and I just didn’t do it, though I had run up to them to tell them.

    I then headed towards the molten metal. I knew it wouldn’t hurt me, so I started to wade through it. It just felt kind of lukewarm. It was also pretty shallow, only going up midway past my ankles. I waded into different colors, wondering whether or not they would feel the same or warmer or cooler. I was a little scared of the orangey-red, because I thought it would be the warmest.

    I also dodged some beams while I was in there.

    I was then back where I started with Jason. I told him we were going to go somewhere else. I decided on the beach. I put my arms around his neck and looked at him, and noticed I was looking at myself; like I was seeing myself from his POV or something, because I was seeing me from where he was standing. It was weird. I closed my eyes and thought of the
    beach, only to wake up upon opening them. -_- So much for that.


    I was outside my house in the front yard, and knew I was dreaming immediately. It was nighttime outside. I decided to fly. I flew up into the air, but could only go so high; I was having some trouble. I guess I hadn’t flown in awhile, maybe that had something to do with it. Anyway, I wanted to get on the roof of my house, but I couldn’t get high enough. I remember the house looking a little different, with elegant domes all over the roof.

    I kept almost landing and having to “swim” through the air to get myself up higher. There was always the point, though, where I couldn’t get any higher. Ugh.

    I flew towards the house and tried to grab on to the edge of the roof, but as I did, I woke up.

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