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    Meditation/Sleep Paralysis

    by , 02-16-2011 at 07:36 AM (483 Views)
    Just a random update, I did a guided relaxation about an hour and a half or so ago, and towards the end of it, I was very close to projecting, I could feel it, it felt just like the other night when I did project. However, my heart started to beat very rapidly and my breathing became very erratic, which brought me out of the meditative state I was in.

    After that, I decided to try to sleep, and all that kept happening is I kept falling into a meditative state, and I kept feeling my body start to fall asleep. I kept entering sleep paralysis, I got the crazy hypnogogia and the tingly feeling, but it only lasted a few seconds each time until I became fully awake again. This has happened like...4 times tonight already. o_o

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