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    Resolving The Job Issue: What I'm Too Stubborn To Do IWL. Thank You, Brain! :)

    by , 09-29-2012 at 04:16 PM (495 Views)
    Dream - Lucid

    I was at my house, in the living room. It was morning, and the room was dimly lit. My mom had just gotten back from Oregon. My brother, Blake, and his girlfriend, Sarah, were there too, but they were in his room, asleep still. My mom came in and started to bitch about Blake's girlfriend. I disagreed with her about what she was saying.

    Then, I was in the kitchen with Blake's girlfriend, Sarah. She was getting something from the cabinet under the sink. She was talking to me as she did, I think trying to give me advice or help me with something.

    Some more happened at the house, but I can't remember what.


    I was at my old college, in the building that the job I recently quit was in, though it looked different. I was there to vote for the President. It was very crowded. I think I was there with someone too, but I can't remember who.

    We walked up some very crowded stairs to a table where you voted. It was much different than in waking life; it was just a fold-out table with some pieces of plastic or cardboard set up on it as "walls" to separate the voters. I got up there, and took a piece of paper. It was like a checklist of the candidates. I don't remember who I picked, and then, I realized that I wasn't really paying much attention when I voted. I got up and looked at my ballot. I was making sure I at least didn't vote for Romney, and checking for an "x" marked by Gary Johnson's name. I saw his name, simply "Gary" on the sheet, but I hadn't marked it. I had marked one below it, some female candidate from an off-the-wall party. I wanted to change it, but obviously, I couldn't. Someone in charge of the voting then took my ballot and put it with all the other ballots. I thought to myself that at least I didn't vote for Obama or Romney, but that didn't make me feel any better about it.

    Then, I was walking by some restaurants in the same area of the building. I spotted someone working at what looked like a Pizza Hut booth who looked familiar. He was tall, thin, and had glasses, though I couldn't see his hair because of his Pizza Hut hat. He looked at me and said something like
    "Oh, it's just you."
    I asked him
    "Are you mad at me?"
    "Yes," he responded, "you just quit!"
    He then looked away, and continued doing what he was doing.
    I was still trying to place him in my mind. Was he a Pizza Hut employee? I was never friends with anyone who worked there...

    Then it hit me: He was the supervisor of the whole restaurant area, Toby. He was the one who put my name in the system and such. Shit...well, I'm here, better try to make this right.
    "Let me explain to you what happened," I said.
    He agreed to let me explain myself, and came to sit with me at a table.
    "Listen," I started, "I have depression, and it got really bad...that's why I quit."
    "Depression?" he said, a bit skeptically, but he was listening now, at least.
    I talked to him about it, saying it was hard to explain. He had to get up and go take care of something at the Pizza Hut real quick, but came back. He talked to me about how he had to work at Quarto's (what he called the Pizza Hut) since they were understaffed, and told me they hired someone else where I used to work named Wilma. He also told me that Mallisha, a girl that I worked with there, had her baby. He seemed a lot less angry now. He looked at me as we talked with kind eyes, trying to understand.

    I thought to myself afterwards how I had resolved the issue. I felt good about it.


    I was again at the college, but the area looked different. I was sitting down talking to my old manager, Gloria. She was being very kind to me, and seemed happy. I think she was so happy because it was the end of the workday on Friday, and she didn't work on the weekends. She asked me how I was, and we talked a bit. She never asked about how I quit, she never asked about any of that stuff. It was like I had never left.

    I then saw some people I worked with there, the one I remember for sure being Gwen. She was with someone else, another girl. They were about to go shoot this movie or something, that was supposed to be what would happen during a real bomb threat. I then pictured them dressed as zombies, wandering around this tent set up in a gymnasium. I then pictured an above view of them laying on a gurney surrounded by other gurneys with people on them, all naked except for plastic wrap covering them, so you could only see outlines of their nipples...it was weird, but apparently, that was part of the shoot they were doing. Gwen is also black, but her body was white in this part of the shoot. I thought I was supposed to help with that somewhere in there. I pictured myself in the middle of the craziness, with zombies walking around in the tent, and tons of people calmly filing out. There were different tents set up in there as well, and the same thing was happening in all of them.

    I then saw what looked like a Pizza Hut commercial. Mallisha, some other employees, and Gwen all filed out of what I assumed was Pizza Hut, in slow motion. They all appeared to be in what looked like Pizza Hut uniforms, with red shirts and black pants. It was nighttime. I got excited, and got chills because I knew these people, and was happy for them that they were on TV! Mallisha, who looked thinner than IWL, I assumed it was because she had her baby, led the line, as if she was the boss or manager, and looked back at Gwen, who had lighter skin than IWL, who was in the back of the line. It showed Gwen doing the same to Mallisha. They were heading towards a bus. The whole thing was in slow motion. There was a male voice narrating in the background the whole time, but I can't remember what it said.

    I was then outside in some closed-in concrete porch area with a bunch of people who worked at the restaurants on campus. It was nighttime. They were all working on some big event, which I'm assuming had something to do with the movie shoot or the commercial. I was sitting all on my own, feeling like I didn't really belong there since I had quit, when someone called my name.
    "Krista! Come sit with us!"
    I wasn't sure who called me over, but I went towards the direction of the voice, and sat down on the ground with a group of girls that contained some Latino girls and also Gwen, who finally looked exactly as she does IWL, though she wasn't the one who called me. I was sitting next to her. She was wearing a tight grey dress.

    Gwen then started to talk to me. Her voice sounded exactly how I remember it.
    "Let me update you on what's happened since you've been gone," she said. "They wanted to promote me to manager, but I declined. (insert some things I can't remember here). Next to that one restaurant, you know, Seaweed or something."
    IWL, the "Seaweed" place she was referring to was really Pizza Hut.
    She was very kind and informative.

    I then was in some hallway, which wasn't nearly as crowded as everywhere else had been, and I saw Toby again. I got his attention, because I wanted to talk to him some more about the whole mess. I took his hands, and led him to a wall. His back was facing the wall. Then, there was a door there, and someone started to come out. I led Toby away from the door. The red-headed guy who came through the door looked at us. I felt like he must think something funny is going on between Toby and I. Toby was then against the white-painted concrete cinder block wall. I started to talk.
    "I've been having more bad days than good," I said.
    "Bad days? Everyone has those," he responded.
    I then went on as I was looking down, trying to adjust our position again,
    "But I think I've forgotten how to have good days," I said to him.
    He seemed very understanding to my plight. His eyes spoke volumes to me. I again went on.
    "I'm sorry for quitting like that," I said, "it was very unprofessional of me."
    We then hugged. We hugged for quite some time. It was a nice embrace, very comforting.
    As he pulled away he said
    "We might have a meeting on Monday." He then walked away and through a door, not looking back at me. Maybe he was embarrassed for showing so much emotion and understanding, I don't know.

    At any rate, I guess I still had my job there, though I honestly didn't want it back. I thought to myself that I better tell my mom when I get up for work on Monday. I was also proud of myself for resolving the problem, and how it didn't go over nearly as bad as I thought it would.

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