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    1. Nightmares- what is going on?

      by , 12-08-2015 at 06:40 AM
      I have been having a lot of nightmares, in particular, of people chasing me. One night, I had a dream where these people were chasing me and my friends and were killing them (and eating their insides). Later in my dream, the killers began being nice to my friends, and my friends insisted on us hanging out with them. However, I of course was worried because I thought they would start killing again. We ended up going to a festival where we were on a ferris wheel. That is when I saw my EX (who really hurt me and I still care about though in real life) at the festival walking. He has a scab on his head. I then pretty much woke up.

      Another night I was just being chased by a person who was trying to kill me.

      Lastly, last night it was the devil chasing me (I am not a religious person, kind of spiritual but not religious). He would come up at night when I was sleeping (in my dreams of course). The more comforters I had over my mattress the harder it was for him. Also, I remember in my dreaming thinking about a real life experience. (Real life time: I went to the gas station where a man asked to pray for me, and he began to pray and then told me to say Lord Jesus, I politely said I do not wish to). So in my dream, I remembered that waking life experience and I was saying in my dream "I should have said it when I saw the man at the gas station and would say Lord Jesus!" in my dreams, in hopes I would be saved and the devil would stop chasing me.

      Any interpreters/interpretations about the dreams I have been having lately?
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