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    October 18, 2010

    I was at my brother's friend's house. Just in his room, it was bigger and different than his actual room. I remember sitting in a seat that was connected to something elastically, so you could sway and whatever. (Weird, I was in this again in a later dream, but I typed that one first haha) His mom came in and started to yell at him for something. I got up and started to explore his house. It was entirely different than his real one. I went up some stairs and saw that they lead to more stairs on the right, but the stairs just went into a wall. I just went back down. End of this dream.

    I was at a theme park with some friends. We were going to see a movie afterwards. Then I was in a room, and it was sort of a school trip. One of my friends gave me some edibles. I ate a brownie and a slice of some bread. I knew that my mom would know that I'm high when I went home so I stopped and wrapped a few pieces in a napkin and put it in my pocket. A random DC was talking to me about Maplestory. He asked me what the "milestones" where. (I played this game for a while haha) I knew that he didn't know much, but I just told him what levels the job advancements were at, since I knew that's what he was asking. Then another friend of mine joined in the conversation. He said "Maplestory is life." Since the game is an RPG, so it's a Maple life. Then I replied, "My life is Maple." (I've played for a while haha) Another DC replies "ME TOO!" I just bust up laughing incredibly hard! Probably from some of the edibles and I just get up, because we were sitting, and just laugh my ass off. A teacher comes up and asks what's so funny, but I continue to laugh, extremely hard, and wake up.

    I was at a fair type deal, but it looked like a single story apartment place or something like that. In the alley ways or whatever on this weird place, there was a stage blasting dubstep (I've been in a dubstep mood haha). I'm just walking around with a friend, and I see my cousin and his family, say hi, then go off. There's this weird, uhmm sort of booth you'd see at fairs, but the person running it wasn't there. I'm not sure what it was supposed to be, but there was a weird cloth hat thing and my friend wore it. I was sitting in a seat, which was connected to something else was sort of elastic bands, so you could sway and whatnot. So the guy comes back, and tells us to leave and don't come back, but while he's lecturing us, people stop and watch, assuming he was going to do whatever it was. He tells them otherwise, and we leave. Walking around I see my cousin again and start walking with him. I started chewing some gum and it got stuck in my teeth. I was saying how I've never had gum stuck in my teeth when I had braces, and now they get stuck? (I recently got my braces off) So I start picking it out and get most of it. We walk around and see a collection shop. They're selling like old rare video games and cards. I notice the Pokemon cards, and say that I even had a few of them haha. We meet back up with him family, and my aunt, had to do something with the post office. We go back and see that it's closed. Then somehow we end up in a dead end street. I could still feel stuff in my mouth, and started picking it out. I got one piece out and it was thread. Going in for another one, a police car pulls up and I wake up.

    Pretty long haha, but they were more towards the morning and I had slept for almost 12 hours haha

    1. Before Thanksgiving dinner already?

      by , 10-26-2010 at 06:37 PM (October 18, 2010)
      Dream Lucid

      It was Thanksgiving day and I wanted to go smoke some weed before eating. I head out and meetup with some friends. I notice that I'm at the LA coliseum. Two joints were being lit and I was able to puff on one of them. A DC is bragging about how the weed he rolled into his was purple. He handed me his joint and let me spark it. I walked into the little tunnel thingy they have there to block the wind. I took the lighter and held the red flame to the end and sucked. It didn't light, at all. I though this was a bit odd so I pinched my nose, I could breathe through it. I tried lighting it again and it worked this time. Knowing that I was dreaming I smoked half the joint in one puff. The cloud of smoke that came out was amazing! I then started to think if I should do the task of the month or not, since it's near the end. Then I noticed my phone vibrated(I guess just thinking of maybe doing it just caused my dream to do it). I took it out and saw my sister texted me asking when I would be home. I replied asking her when dinner would be ready. She said in a few hours, then went on about how some guy came over to the house to look for something. Still being in the tunnel, I walked out into the coliseum and it was FILLED with people (I had been here for the Electric Daisy Carnival) music was blasting and people were just everywhere dancing. I just stood there enjoying the music and how it sounded so good! Then I woke up.

      I was walking on the blacktop with my brother. I decided to RC.I became lucid and started to float and just fly instead of walking with him. Then I woke up
    2. Weird after school activities.

      by , 10-20-2010 at 09:36 PM (October 18, 2010)
      I had just gotten out of school and a few friends were playing basketball. I know I suck at basketball, but subconsciously I knew it was a dream because I even said it'd be fun to play dream basketball. I still sucked though. I saw a few volleyball nets set up and asked if they wanted to play. They started walking towards them and I wanted to take my car. It was sort of flat on the ground. Like when you see the wheels go horizontal and then it's a hover car or something. I get it and start the car, it raises a bit. I look down to put it in reverse and where it says the letters normally aren't there, I somehow managed. One of my friends yell to me to raise it up, he tells me to shift it right, it's an automatic car. It works. I'm driving and I notice it's a church I go to. I'm doing 40 in a parking lot and slowing down enough for the speed bumps. I get to the other side and see some family members. I just get out and ignore them. Walking to the nets I count we have 6 people, so I yell to play 3 on 3. Then I woke up.

      Earlier on the night I had a false awakening.

      I got out of my bed and opened the garage door to see my mom in the back of her car. I just go back in and try to go back to sleep. The dream house was similar to mine, but much larger and the door to the garage was facing a different way. My mom comes in to talk to me, she thinks I have a problem with my mind. I go on to explain for the hundredth time that I'm fine. She calls me abnormal. I get frustrated and tell her that my mind if normal and most of the people's minds in this world are abnormal. She gets mad and hears a sound because she goes to close my door and in a very scary way, tells me to hush. I woke up with intense emotional feelings, and wondered if this could be considered a nightmare or night terror, since I haven't had nightmares for a very long time. I just pass it off as my dreaming ID's intense feelings and go back to sleep.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    3. A few short lucids.

      by , 10-19-2010 at 09:21 PM (October 18, 2010)
      Dream Lucid

      I went out to eat with my family at some restaurant. On the way there I was extremely thirsty and 3 cups of water did not full fill me. After we ate, we got back in the car to drive home. I was still drinking water. My mom was driving and made a turn opposite of our house. Then I woke up into my dream bed. I saw two of the same posters on the ceiling and remembered a post on here about putting a picture on the ceiling telling you do either do a RC or that you are dreaming. There's a triangle with a face drawn on it, just lines to make a smile and eyes. I thought that was kind of weird, so I looked away but still saw it in my peripheral and when I looked back it was moving, so I pinched my nose and could still breathe. I got out of my bed and looked at my hands. They were morphing, the palms would get bigger and my finger turned into tiny little stubs and back. Flipping them over and moving them would morph them back to normal. I tried to give out a few commands but my throat was still dry. I drank some water and gave out the commands. I wanted to go outside so I decided to walk through my wall, I've only walked through something once and it was slow, so was this time. Halfway through I decided to just open the window and jump through it (I still thought I shouldn't make noise and wake somebody hahaha). The sky was gloomy and I tried to bring down lightening with my hands. I couldn't do it, but then I noticed that fireballs, or meteors were in the sky. I tried controlling those, and wherever I swung my arm, they would come. I tried to do a Kamehameha, I saw the energy ball, but not at my hands and decided to hold that off until I had better control. I then looked my hands for more stability and wanted to summon a DC. I thought that she would appear at my front door, and I could see her shadow from outside. I used the hopping technique to get to the door and opened it, there she was! along with a tan SUV in front. She immediately ran in and started to grab at my parts. I dream hopped with her to my room and got too excited and woke up.

      I was then with some friends at a flat concrete place which had stairs leading down to sea level with more stairs going up which led to a school in the dream. I showed another friend a video of one of my friends skating. Then some kids from the school came up to me and asked how I think I did on the science test in some teacher's class. I told them I don't go to their school. He continued to talk to me and said he hoped he did good. Going down, I see lots of other people riding their bikes. One of them waves goodbye to me as he leaves, and I see another friend and we chat for a bit. Then there's a large group of people sitting on the ground and I join them. My bottom retainer felt like it broke so I picked out the pieces, but I could still feel a retainer in my mouth. I then realized I was dreaming, and did a nose pinch to check. I looked up at the sky and flew off, only to wake up.

      I was in a hotel room with some family members younger than me. My aunt who lives across the states was here to visit and we had to go down to help her with the bags. Two of us go down one flight of stairs and I hit the elevator button. It opens and I see my younger cousin in there, it closes and she goes up. When the elevator goes up, the DC that was with me jump down the elevator shaft. I thought he was a goner. When the elevator came back down to me, he appeared from the stairs which we just came down. We get in and I tried the trick to just get it to go without any other stops. It works and we are in the lobby. I go outside to see all the other members of my family. My mom was telling about the psychologist referral I had just recently got. (I just wanna chat with a psychologist, while my mom thinks I have some mental problems) She goes on to tell the family that I have some mental problems and asks me to tell them about my problems. My uncle looks at me and just says Hi to, I respond back and he says I'm fine. My mom and I get into a little argument and I get frustrated and say that I'm just not going to talk to anybody. My brother then comes over and sits down with me and says, "Well you're not going to talk to anybody? Well this is a dream." Still being frustrated I go to prove him wrong and pinch my nose. Realizing I was dreaming, I tried to fly away from the scene but he was holding onto my, so I dream spun and he said I was good, but he still had a hold of me. I then hopped to the nearby wall and he went with me, so I just tried to fly away.[color="blue"= I then woke up in my dream bed and pinched my nose, I was able to breathe, but I didn't believe it, so I used two hands to block it completely and then I could still breathe. For some reason I still didn't believe it, so I went to write down my dreams and I saw I had text messages, I read them and they were a bit off, I looked at the time and it was off by about 5 hours, I just thought my phone was being weird, I even looked at the time twice, and thought nothing of it, then I finally woke up.