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    Most frustrating LD ever.. 27/04/2013

    by , 07-25-2013 at 12:21 AM (413 Views)


    I am with my younger brother watching a movie at the cinema. We decide to rip holes in the big screen just for fun and quickly leave the cinema. However, my brother has to take a poo so he goes back inside. I am waiting for him outside on the stairs in front of the entrance. Some security guard is putting up security lint to secure the area. He gives me a quick glance. At a certain moment I decide to leave the area without raising suspicion. This makes me very conspicious and I run into some bushes and climb a few fences. I end up very high in a tree. My branch breaks and I am down again.

    MILD + 5-7 DEILDS
    I am lying in bed in total darkness. I do a nose-plug RC and become lucid. I feel very heavy so I decide to jump out of bed with a lot of force, I have no idea if this worked.

    I am lying in bed without being able to see. I decide to spin around to change my dream. I am floating in bed and and started spinning horizontally. It didn't really work and I became a little dizzy.

    I got up out of bed but couldn't see anything because I was wearing a sleeping mask (I was also wearing a sleeping mask in real life that night). I tried to get it off, however, when I took one sleeping mask off, there were a few others underneath. I tried closing my eyes and not opening them untill I got my mask off, but it didn't work. I tried this a few times.

    I tried the above again.

    I am still unable to see. I feel around for some scissors and cut the elastic bands of several of my sleeping masks (I can feel that I am wearing multiple masks). Naturally, this didn't work. I was getting really annoyed now and decided to try some magic. I said: "Simsalabim" and tapped on my mask. No effect..

    I decided to force control because this dream didn't make any sense. I knew I wasn't wearing a mask in the dream world and visualised seeing my room in front of me. This started to work and after another DEILD I was able to see again.

    My next dreams took place at my university. I decided to do some lucid experiments. I read a letter that said something about a certain room number before turning to gibberish. I looked for the right room, which was a bit tricky because sometimes the rooms would skip a few numbers so I had to go back and forth. I found the room and took a seat. I drank some wine which tasted nice.

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