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    1. Labyrint (and the missing H)

      by , 06-19-2011 at 05:33 PM
      I'm having very intresting dreams at the time being, but not so much recall. So I decided to post one of my key-dreams from couple of years back. This really did change something in me.

      So this dream was played in two acts. They both were long and complex.. but I remember the first act only vaguely.


      ACT I - The Party

      I was at this underground festival wich I did partisipate in wakig life many years ago (when it did happen I was in delusional state so the experience there was quite psychedelic also in real life). The parties in dream were parties of apocalypse. All kind freaky stuff happened but in a somewhat "normal" way. I was acting as a ringmaster and tried to keep the spirit up, help people to find their way there and help the world to change. I was wearing tailcoat and top hat (I own over 100 year old tailcoat and did have over 150 years old top hat in waking life). At one point I slipped and fell into deep woodstocklike mud pit and got a moment humblening. I remember thinking how on earth I can get these clothes clean, how much it will cost and is it even possible etc.

      After that and also scattered around the I act I tried to contact people (spent much time in phone etc) so that they would know that parties are happening and get there. I moved in dreamlike manner across the communication lines. In one point I had moved to the town where I live in waking life and I was in phone booth talking to someone in festival. He/she told my that one person I know had arrived to the festival. In the waking version of those festival he wasn't there and I remembered that. It came clear to me that he has arrived from present to parties that were in past. It was absolutly clear in dream that this was what had happened. I became thrilled that things were finally working and the first act ended.

      ACT II - The Sanitarium

      I found myself at the mental hospital. I was patient there (I've been hospitalized iwl). My girlfriend from that time came to visit me. I said to her that let's go to my room so that we can be in peace. So we get to this room and in the back of the room is another door that hasn't been there. We go through the door and after a corridor we come to this room full of mirrors and old paintings. Paintings are somewhat romantic but also impressionistic. All of them symbolise some theme or situation in intimate relationship. Situations are universal and about the crisis, glings, disconent, frustration and situations you end up reliving from time to time (loops). We deside to go deeper into this knowing that they are only loops. So we go deeper this time travelling through mirrors and paintings. Every time we go through one we end up to act the situation in our life, but in some level we are lucid that this is what we have to do to get to the end of this road. After every passage we end up to new room full of, yes, paintigs and mirrors.

      Then we get to this one painting. It's quite small and from 18?? I think. It's a holiday and tourist town in French normandy. There are houses that are cafeterias, inns and restaurants. There is a promande and in the side of it a low wall, by the wal there is stairs that lead to beach. In the middle of promenade there is a phone booth (not realistical at that period of time) and in the phone booth there is a gentleman talking to phone. He is wearing top hat and tail coat. After a decent distance there is a woman waiting for her man. She is leaning to her umberella. We decide to go through this painting. We end up to relive many symbolically analogous sitution from our relationship. In those situations either one of us is talking on a phone or using computer. The other one is jealous for attention that other is giving to outside world and at the same time hoping that he/she could be on computer/phone conncting to outside world. These scene goes on too long. The whole labyrinth that we have travelled inside the sanitarium collapses and we are back in my room. My girlfriend is shouting at me for some obscure reason that I don't understand. She doesn't have any memories of us travelling in that maze of realtionship. She leaves from the room and bangs door loudly.

      I end up wandering around the sanitarium. Group of three or four patient come to talk to me. One of them woman, other are men. They want me to go to a room where some of them live. I'm cautious cause you never know how to trust other looneys but in the end I decide to follow them. So I get to this room and they start to talk to me very entusiastically. They have difficulties to remember not to talk at the same time. They tell me stories and try to make me remeber things that I have blocked out. Their message is this: they are group of reality revolutionaries (not the kind that want to rebel against reality but the kind that want to fight for new, better, reality. In fact I'm one of them. We have done many missions together before. There are many more of us. Some of us (like me) don't remember this.
      As the story goes on I start to remember bits and bits. And as I remember their appereances start to change. I get to see glimbses who they really are. Some fantastical features in their looks.

      After they have downloaded this information to me they say that it's a time of next strike. It's now. So we go to common areas of department, and strike starts. It is a fasion show. So the nurses happen to be caring and motherlike and have allowed the patient to keep little fun. Patients get to arrange fasion show and the nurses are sitting in the audience. Everybody is dressed in blankets and pillowcases and stuff that is avaible. My comrades ask me to sit on a ground and hold a flashlight. So I sit in lotus possition and held the lamp like a torch. I start to get tired and doze off. As I start to get closer to dream (in a dream) I see glimbses of my fellow model patients inner shelves. Not just how they are but who they experience to be. Then I fell asleep.

      I wake up to this large dog licking my neck and get scared. Wait a minute. It's not a dog but a dragonlike being whose tail is around my neck. And it stays there. I'm still among the models/patients and the nurses are watching but this freaking dragon stays there and freaking nurses are staring right into it. So I realise that reality is quite leaking. Divine intervention (lights and stuff) put this large book into my lap. The books is about cracking the code of reality. I open it from random spread. The other page has this chart about history: years, periods, rulers and things. The other page has a map of time were every time periods are not separeted by time but by geographic distances. There is island called 1960's and a city called French revolution with suburbs that are like American independence war and other too. Large nation called Archaic and everything else. When I read the both pages simultaniosly the timeline of world starts to collapse to a one hypermoment where everything is simultaniosly.

      I open the book from another spread. It talks about multidimensional masters that have reached the fifth dimension and effect the world from there by telling stories. They use codenames to let the awake people know what's the story about. There are names of waking world playwrights, songwriters, comic writers, book authors, poets and other. Code opens up who they really are, who tell the same story, what other aliasses those master use in waking world. As I read this code the optional storylines start to collapse in one hyperstory with all possibilities. I got this strong sensation that now the reality is really open. Mental hospital has mostly faded away. We (and there are many of us now) desided to make one last effort to really crack reality up.

      (this part is very hazy.. so I don't even remember how I experienced the last effort. Was it a party, orgy, battle, chessgame or what.. maybe all at once)

      We win (kind of). Reality has changed into Orwellian Nazi Germany where our side wears uniforms of SS officers. Some of as start losing their memories and act like their roles. I'm alarmed and depressed. Something must be done. I pick up a piece of paper and start writing. Asking questions from remaining resistance about what should we do. After I've written those things the letters reshape into answers and suggestions. They so me this one sigil that I remember from somewhere and suggest that maybe we should use it. I think for a moment and then agree. I use the sigil and the dream collapses. Error message appears in English (it's not my native tongue). I'm not sure was it a mental or visual text. It says:


      I wake up and have this surrealistic feeling for the next couple of days