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    by , 09-25-2012 at 03:31 PM (470 Views)
    1. I was in a particularly nasty Ohio winter with Brooke and some friends. She was having a going away party for New York. Everyone was trading their cards, and each had their own unique powers. I traded two monster cards for a card that mapped out Anjelica's home in Alaska. It was the part of the map that became white due to the massive amounts of snow. I gave this kid his cards and he went to piss outside. He was out there for the longest time so I went to see what happened. When I walked out, he turned and sprayed his piss over the tables of people and laughed. When he finished, I tried to get my "map" card back. He refused to trade so I tried to steal his card that gives you a hand shovel. I borrowed it and dug into the snow so I could pee without a cold Alaskan breeze.

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