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    Does He Love Me?

    by , 02-26-2013 at 01:38 PM (240 Views)

    I'm sure some of you are tired of posts about "Cheating/Love" dreams.
    But the dreams I have are so realistic, and frank that i really need answers. My great grandmother had a gift of premonition , and i was always told to listen to my dreams. Well not every single dream. But the real serious ones. Like the one i had last night ...
    This dream was about us going out to a resturant to celebrate my birthday, we were walking to the resturant and suddenly he started speeding up his pace (which is something he really does in public when we're out and i hate it) so i started to get frustrated and reminded him "we are a couple, we should be walking together hand in hand". He brushed it off. Before we could get to our destination a girl caught his eye. A smiled appeared across his face, and no matter how i reacted he would stop not smiling. He then informed me that she was an ex, who he loved dearly. He went forward with saying "she loves me a lot," getting panicky i shouted "But we are in love, i love you!" He still didnt stop smiling. Then he shouted out her name "Jazz! Jazz! Jazz!" (he doesnt have an ex named jazz in reality) She kept walking, then out of no where a microphone appeared in his hand, and he continued to shout her name over the mic. I was astonished. So when he caught up with her they said their hellos, and he went in for a hug, but i stepped in the way. A bracelet he gave me latched onto her and fell off my wrist onto the ground. She picked it up and handed it to me, then walked off. He was still in a daze... i cried so hard i woke out of my sleep crying.. Ugh, i hate these type of dreams.. But should I be worried? Some of the things he did in the dream are thing he does in real life such as, brush me off when im making a point, walk ahead of me when we're out and about, and ignore me when something bothers me. I know he loves me, but i wonder if he's falling out of love with me. By the way, im 5months pregnant and it scares me to think my fiance doesn't want me. Someone Help!

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