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    1. Judgement

      by , 08-28-2016 at 11:51 AM
      So I had a dream that I could hangout with Sans and Papyrus in the real world but then Sans suddenly realised that I was the anomaly who kept reseting the game over and over, causing him to suffer.

      So he decided to do the same with me, and he kept reseting my dream, for a while the dream kept repeating untill suddenly I was in a dark room, completely black and I was in some sort of Bath tub.

      Then a text appeared saying, "You feel the presence of both Papyrus and Sans, who would you like to see?" I picked Sans and then I slowly turned my head and saw Sans looming above me, staring me down without his pupils (?).

      He then grabbed hold of my wrist and said, "You committed 417 Sins...Judgement is mine now."
      He then stabbed me in the heart and I woke up.
    2. Dream Jumps

      by , 08-18-2016 at 06:18 PM
      I remember I was being abducted by an alien kid but then our spaceship was attacked and we started floating in space in something that looked like a giant glove...?

      Then as I slipped out the glove and started floating in space, I realisd I was dreaming, because if I were really in space I'd be dead, not breathing, so I decided to float around some more but then I woke up.....or so I thought.

      I was back at my home which I 'woke up' in, but the scenary outside my window looked completely different, making me realise I was dreaming again. I decided to change my dream scape to Undertale and then everything became 2D. (It was very weird. that's all I can say, I really can't put it into words.) There, I saw Sans who was about to get killed by Chara, but then I stepped in and took the blow for him and I woke up.....but I didn't.

      I was once again back at my home, this time when I 'woke up' I instantly knew I was dreaming again, I don't know why. Then I started messing around with the dreamscape and tried to make Sans appear infront of me, I tried expecting him in the next room, and it worked except he didn't look accurate. So, I recalled one of the tutoriels on DV about summoning dream characters, so I told the dream character, "Ok, I'm gonna turn around and when I turn again, I want you to look exactly like Sans."

      So, I turned around and when I turned back, the dream character looked a bit better, but I wasn't satisfied yet. so I did the same process again, but when I turned and faced him again, he looked completely different and demonic.

      The dream character was angry, "You think I'm some toy for you to play with?!" At first I was intimidated by the creature but since I knew it was all a dream, I just smirked, "This is my dream. It doesn't matter whether you abide by my wishes or not. You will fade away at the end of them all."

      Then, I recieved an interesting answer, "That's what you think." Then the dream ended...
    3. Determination

      by , 08-13-2016 at 11:47 AM
      So, I remember that I had this strange power and that some people were trying to kill me because of it. Apparently, my power was to be able to communicate with animals. Then I remember being thrown into this arena with a HUGE ant. I was scared at first but then I started talking to it and managed to calm it down.

      Then, I remember saying, "This is strange...It's almost as if it's a dream and I'm the one in control." so prior to this I was sorta semi-lucid, but after saying this I remember becoming completely lucid.

      After that, I decided to fly around a bit and then I decided to try to go into the world of my favorite video game, Undertale.
      So I looked into a window and saw my favorite characters hanging out at the beach together, so I tried going through the window but failed, I was afraid I was gonna fail but then I decided I wanted this dream to be different, for once I wanted to succeed into getting what I wanted, so I remembered telling myself to stay determined and continued forcing myself through the window, and I succeeded.

      I then ran towards Sans, who was just chilling on his chair, I then remember that as soon as he noticed me, he said, "Hey kid, what took ya so long?" and he held his hand out to me, I gently grabbed his hand and then as I was trying to hug him, I woke up...

      So... I had a good time, I guess? XD It's better than getting dunked on.