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    by , 04-15-2016 at 06:40 AM (603 Views)
    So, I remember i was sleeping in class then i woke up and saw that everything looks different. I panicked and asked my friend, "Where am I? What year is this?!"
    She told me it's the forth year of your college. I asked her, what happened to me theseast few years!?
    she then paused and replied, " Your mother..died in an ice-slide...and your father died when the house burned down." I remember that I started crying.then i got angry amd just went towards the teacher and kept shouting, "this is all your fault!"
    She calmly replied,"it's none of my business. "
    "We'll see!" I told her, then i stormed out of the classroom with my friend, then i grabbed everything that contained alcohol and wrapped it in a cloth and threw it in the fire. Then my friend and I, quickly started running away before we get caught.then on the way, I told her. How did my house burn?
    she then told me, "It happened on your birthday..you probably should see it yourself." i got teary eyed once more then we headed somewhere. Everything was burned down except the metal skeleton of the house..
    i looked around, on the ground there was a blue braclet and a blue necklace. "When your house burnt down and your father died, you threw his gift here, shouting ''I don't want your gifts! I want you!'" She told me, and i held the necklace tighter and then wore it. I then asked her if she wants to spend the night here with me, she said alright and we slept under the remains of the house.

    then i woke up in n alternate universe where my house didnít burn and my father was alive. I woke up in my bedroom and o my desk i saw a game. I looked at the cover and it said, Dragon age Carnivorous (which in my mind i saw it as dragon age 4)
    Then i got excited and looked down my window. I remember telling myself, "Man, I wish this was a dream so i could fly outta here..." Then something snapped in me. I looked around the environment and realised, "This is a dream!" Then i became lucid. When i became lucid i recalled one of the tutorials i had read about lucid dreaming stability techniques. So before doing anything, i stopped and looked at my hand. On the palm of my hands i saw some written formulas about physics and as i continued looking i saw the detail of my hands, the lines etc. Then as i though i was ready, i shouted,"Dream clarity now! Lucidity now!" Then i saw the enviorment environment becoming more vicid and so i jumped to fly which i did but then everything turned black and i woke up.

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    1. Archemy's Avatar
      well that's kinda scary when your house burned, how was your feeling when you woke up? wish me luck i just started to learn to be lucid
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    2. LanaPhoenixSoul's Avatar
      I was feeling rather depressed when i woke up. Mainly because in my dream my parents had died. And i didn't eactually see my house burn, i was just told that it had burned down. And i only saw it remains. It was a sad scene...
      And good luck! Lucid deaming is an awesome experience! Don't worry, it's not scary at all!