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    The city's hero (?)

    by , 03-19-2016 at 09:19 AM (190 Views)
    Ok so I dreamed I was walking through some stores when I found a weird looking outfit made of black leather, so I wore the outfit and then as I wore it I gained the power to fly.
    But then, some men in suits and with guns came and shouted that this outfit was theirs and that if I didn't come down, they'd shoot. I refused ofcourse and continues flying higher and higher, then I went deeper into the city towards a skyscraper and I sat on top of it.
    I thought it was no fun flying alone so I went back into the city and I brought my friend with me, so me and her continued flying around the city, then as we were flying, we overheard that the men want to lure the people into a park and then try to kill everyone.
    So me and my friend hurried to warn the people, no one believed us. Then I told my friend to come with me, before the men come and kill you! I grabbed her and carried her through the park, it was harder to fly and then the men came and started shooting at everyone, luckily my suit had a stealth mode, so I activated it and me and my friend safely passed through the men.
    then, I brought her back into her house and then I woke up.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment