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    by , 08-13-2016 at 11:47 AM (719 Views)
    So, I remember that I had this strange power and that some people were trying to kill me because of it. Apparently, my power was to be able to communicate with animals. Then I remember being thrown into this arena with a HUGE ant. I was scared at first but then I started talking to it and managed to calm it down.

    Then, I remember saying, "This is strange...It's almost as if it's a dream and I'm the one in control." so prior to this I was sorta semi-lucid, but after saying this I remember becoming completely lucid.

    After that, I decided to fly around a bit and then I decided to try to go into the world of my favorite video game, Undertale.
    So I looked into a window and saw my favorite characters hanging out at the beach together, so I tried going through the window but failed, I was afraid I was gonna fail but then I decided I wanted this dream to be different, for once I wanted to succeed into getting what I wanted, so I remembered telling myself to stay determined and continued forcing myself through the window, and I succeeded.

    I then ran towards Sans, who was just chilling on his chair, I then remember that as soon as he noticed me, he said, "Hey kid, what took ya so long?" and he held his hand out to me, I gently grabbed his hand and then as I was trying to hug him, I woke up...

    So... I had a good time, I guess? XD It's better than getting dunked on.
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Way to go Lana! Intention power a gogo!
      Cool dream too, I so want some anime in my dreams
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    2. Saizaphod's Avatar
      Well done ^^
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    3. LanaPhoenixSoul's Avatar
      Thanks, guys! ^_^
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